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Ballycotton is a beautiful, small, coastal fishing village in southern Ireland. Because of its quaint lighthouse, sprawling cliffs and picturesque scenery, it was an absolute dream to visit. The textures and colors of this locale are awe-inspiring. The moss and algae glow a certain shade of green that seems otherworldly. Plants grow on every step, wall or surface that they can find to inhabit. Lichen spreads across every rock in shades of vibrant oranges and sage greens. 

Snails are frequent and pleasant encounters. A local stray cat has a permanent home built into the side of a cliff where it lounges around waiting for love and attention. Quaint cottages covered in ivy dot the sides of narrow streets. Sunsets glimmer over the bay’s calm water. 

This small village offered me peace and quiet I’ve never experienced before. I dream of returning.

Assistant Photo Editor Maddie Fox can be reached at madisofo@umich.edu .