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This fall, the morning routine at Daycroft School in Scio Township looks a bit different than usual. After their daily temperature check, students head into classes with plastic dividers and no more than thirteen other students. 

With Ann Arbor Public Schools currently holding classes online, Daycroft is one of the only elementary schools in the Ann Arbor area to transition back into the classroom. As a smaller private school, the conditions of the school lent themselves well to the safety protocols needed to reopen.

Outside, small makeshift classrooms are set up, made of wire spool tables and logs to sit on. Students work on their own online or get individual help from teachers through plastic barriers.

The school has also provided accommodations for students that may be unable to attend class. “There are other families that have medical reasons or concerns for their own family health that they’re just not at this point ready to come back to being in person, and we’ve honored both of those,” Head of School David Lee explained. Remote students are paired up with in-person students on video calls, and they can pick up any supplies needed for the day outside of the building in the morning.

Lee emphasizes the support of the community in their reopening efforts. “There’s feelings of excitement for their students to be able to come back in a safe environment,” Lee said. “To be in school in person is so meaningful after six months of being quarantined.” 

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