“There’s a story about this; we were on a road trip when I was five and my sister was seven and she was like ‘Where do babies come from?’ and (our parents) explained the whole thing to us, and apparently she was really, really grossed out, and I thought it was hilarious.”

— LSA freshman Natalie Burr (above)
“Well I came out when I came to college, so obviously (talking about sex) is very different … I come from a more conservative environment, and it’s definitely a bubble here where you are able to really, fully learn what you are interested in and express yourself. I go back home and it’s a completely different environment.”
— LSA junior Ryan Gentil
“I’m more comfortable with intimacy since coming to college, it’s something I’m more willing to talk about with people. It’s something that I seek out more and that I value in a different way. I don’t value it so much for ‘Oh my gosh, this is an experience I want to have’ as much as — I have a boyfriend, and it’s a person that I trust and I want to be with him, so it’s part of my life. I value it in a different way. To be honest, I didn’t feel any need for intimacy with any particular person until I met the guy I’m currently dating. Because, when you meet someone you just want to spend time with and who you want to share your life with, then that changes how you view intimacy. That changes the dynamic that you have.”
— LSA junior Erin Dunne
“I was talking to my friend about this last week, what a woman has to be in order to be seen as a sexual being is very different from what a man has to conform to. What she was saying was that, as a woman, she felt like she had to dress a certain way and be accessible in a certain way, and I was like it’s completely different for guys. We do have to dress a certain way but it’s more about ‘Are you acting powerful? Are you playing the game right? Are you being cool?’ It’s a very different mindset — at least within a certain social context.”
— LSA junior Sam McMullen

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