Dear Humanoid Beings of The Universe,

Okay, before I start, I want you to think — should we make green technology to prepare for a world with no oil, or make green technology after there is no oil? On March 11, 2019, I was reading an article about green energy technology and how we could transform the world into a much healthier one for my generation. Lately, I have been looking out from the window of my school bus at the world outside and seeing that our cars, trucks and other vehicles are making our happy blue world into a depressingly dark one. It scares me to think that I could encounter really bad catastrophes, live with unhealthy animals, or have to breathe through a gas mask, knowing that the past generation did this to me and future generations.

I don’t believe it’s too late to change the vision of a depressing dark world into a blue one. We could create new materials that are soft and cheap, but still really strong. We could create new plants, and maybe even new creatures! I know, it sounds like something that is too far into the future, but we’re so far with using technology that, when you think about, it’s not an impossible dream.

I’m that typical fantasy nerd who’s always sitting in the corner thinking about new fantasy things. Some things that I’ve thought of are exoskeletons for people who maybe don’t have certain limbs, robots that could work similar to the Hulkbuster from Infinity War and other weird science fiction things. Anyway, as I was saying, we could use the sun’s energy to power the sonic thrusters in rockets and propel them to new galaxies, or even new parallel worlds. Worlds that have never had a single war. Worlds where there is always peace and dinosaurs were never extinct.

Like the Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, a climate change activist who inspired me to stand up for the environment, I will hopefully live on this planet for 85 years. It will be my parents and elders who will decide how my generation will live in the future. Finding out about Greta was a great moment because she motivated me to fully open my jar of thoughts. The first time I saw Greta was on screen while watching CNN 10 in school, and I felt like that typical superhero who discovered their superpower. I felt this way because I knew I wasn’t the only one with a desire to want to skip school and go in front of the White House to yell, “BUILD GREEN TECHNOLOGY NOW!”

Anyway back on track, let’s talk green technology — you know that cheesy Sprint Wi-Fi ad with the giant robot telling you only the good things about Sprint? I’m not doing that. What I am doing is telling both bad and good things about green technology. So, some bad things about green technology is that it is too expensive. It uses so much money that maybe taxes will be raised and famine may start to occur in unexpected places, and that might cause some problems with the government. Also, the thing that most bugs me about renewable technology is the question of it just shutting down. What if all the technology shutdown and we stopped having energy? We would have no fridge, no stove, and most of all, the car you drive to get that amazing bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos you wanted to get would not work.

Green technology is good…and bad, but hey, what’s to lose when we are running out of oil? This means I won’t have gas to cook that secret recipe my mom’s been telling me about. You know, lets come back to the question in the beginning: Should we make green technology and prepare before there is no oil, or make green technology after there is no oil? In the meantime, let’s think about how we’re going to save the future generations from the biggest villains like famine, disease, loss of respect, global warming, polarization and most of people’s ignorance to this fatal problem that might conclude the human race. So before you finish reading this article and start playing on the Doodle Jump app, just think that one simple change in the industry world could change the world.                               

Sincerely, The Future Generation

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