43,625 students attend the University of Michigan. Only 12 are Students of the Year. Nominated by their peers and mentors, this small handful of students has been chosen for a multitude of reasons. An ability to exceed in both sport and academics, a commitment to community service, a resilience in the face of personal struggle — these are just a few of the qualities that the students that populate these pages possess. But they, like every student, are also much more than 750-word profiles. They are dreamers, friends, inspirations. They make mistakes (but maybe less than others). They are complex, dynamic humans. They are the leaders and best.

Meet the Students of the Year. They’re happy to meet you.

—Statement Editor Karl Williams and Deputy Editor Nabeel Chollampat

Fabiana Diaz

Ahmad Hider

Hannah Buck

Hafsa Ghias

Laura Meyer

Nadine Jawad

Rama Mwenesi

Rebecca Rosenthal

Jaimie Phelan

Erin Johnson

Yumi Taguchi

Brittney Williams

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