Endowed with the hallmarks of a leading institution, the University of Michigan has incredible faculty, cutting-edge research, state-of-the-art facilities and a rich history. But none of this would matter without the energy and passion of its students. They lead our organizations, bring attention to important issues facing our campus, and — in many cases — they do this in the face of adversity.   

These are your 2017 Students of the Year. They’ve been nominated by you. While eight students cannot be exhaustive of the depth of the student body, they provide a glimpse of some of the best of the Leaders and the Best. They are geniuses, activists, artists and innovators, and we’re excited to share their stories with you.


The Statement Magazine


Students of the Year:

Antara Afrin

Keiana Cave

Reid Depowski

Megumi Nakamura

Nicole Khamis 

Ben Rathi 

Rebecca Ress

Arrie Timmer


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