Activists. Innovators. Leaders. Community builders.

These words can describe the seven students nominated by you — the University of Michigan community — to be The Michigan Daily’s Student of the Year. But these words can hardly account for the countless hours of thought, the months of toil and the endless amount of passion each student has dedicated toward their work.

These are just a few of the students that push conversation and change within our community and beyond. While their stories differ, each is driven by their own experiences to leave a positive mark on those around them. And for many of them, their work is just getting started.

These are your 2018 Students of the Year. Here are their stories.


The Statement Magazine


Jad Elharake
Tariq Mekkaoui
Remi Murrey
Akira Nishii
Lauren Schandevel
Cheyenne Travioli
Meaghan Wheat



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