Comics are not a genre, but a medium. Although The Michigan Daily is a text-heavy publication, comics offer an entirely unique range of expression and nuance that text alone cannot.
What might The Daily look like if it were entirely comics? As you’ll see in this issue, comics can be about any subject— from personal statements to broad histories, from the magical to the mundane. Although every comic we’ve gathered in this issue relates to Ann Arbor, that’s about where the similarities end. That’s what I believe makes them so exciting. 
This is the first comics issue of the Statement, and hopefully not the last. I’m very grateful that we were able to involve so many different voices in this issue. We hope you enjoy them all!
– Joe Iovino, Daily Cartoonist Manager
Political Cartoons
“What makes a political cartoon successful? I’ve discovered their visual language exists between pictures and words, in a weird space of visual metaphor.” – Frannie Miller, Daily Cartoonist
Fail to the Victors
“I would not call myself a sports fan, but in my time as a student here, I’ve seen some incredible sports stories.  Not all of them end happily.” – Joe Iovino, Daily Cartoonist Manager
Ann Arbor Story
“This short comic highlights my growth throughout the past three years living and going to school in Ann Arbor.” – Agnes Chiu
Snow Angel

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