Let’s get personal.

Every writer I’ve spoken to has said the same thing: writing about yourself seems easy, until you sit down to do it. How can you possibly consolidate your deepest emotions and regrets into several hundred words? How can you reveal your intimate self to a faceless audience?

Writing a Personal Statement takes courage and self-awareness. In these pages you will find seven stories of love, of loss, of heartbreak, of anger. Seven stories from those who dared to pour their hearts out onto the page; who took the leap and wrote about themselves. But as you can imagine, when people sit down to write about themselves, it rarely becomes about them. We peer into their lives and find our own beloved mothers, conflicted hometowns, favorite movies and formative teachers.

These stories matter to all of us.

— Natalie Gadbois, Deputy Magazine Editor

My newfound tolerance of country music — Luna Anna Archey, Magazine Photo Editor

Guilt of getting out — Amanda Allen, Assistant Photo Editor

Lessons in uncertainty — Ian Dillingham, Magazine Editor

Adulting — Karen Hua, Daily TV/New Media Editor

Let me count the ways — Rachael Lacey, Daily Opinion Columnist

Being strange — Carly Snyder, Daily Arts Writer

A bug in amber — Michael Sugerman, Senior News Editor

The weight of bubbles and boxes — Anisha Nandi, Daily Staff Reporter

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