Dear hair,

Thank you for sticking with me throughout all the years.

From the hair frying days of high school to the box braids that were worn way too long.

This is a love letter to you.

I know we’ve had our rough patches, but I just didn’t understand your beauty, your uniqueness and your power.

The way your 4c curls make you stand apart from any other head of limp strands.

The way you absorb coconut oil and cantu to make raw power.

The way you continue to grow and shine no matter how much relaxer or chemicals you get hit with.

Your flexibility and ability to change at the drop of the hat. If I wanna try braids, you say let’s do it. If I want to wear crochet you say girl I’m ready and you make those work.

I didn’t appreciate it before but I do now.

I used to think I was treating you well, by using the hair products I found in my house, using the treatments my mom taught me. But then I discovered what sulfates and parabens are, and that products for white hair are significantly different than products for Black hair. And that just because something cleans your hair, it doesn’t mean the product is good for your hair.

Now I treat you the way you deserve and you show your appreciation through beautifully coiling and growing, the way you know how.

I’ve spent too much time not appreciating you, but I love you hair.

So thank you for sticking through it, and always being there.




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