Dear Readers,

Since the formation of Michigan in Color (MiC), students, faculty, staff and alumni of color at the University of Michigan have courageously shared powerful stories, meaningful observations, analytical critiques, and inspiring art. Despite the context of operating within a Primarily White Institution (PWI), people of color have continued to make their voices, their experiences heard. As MiC strives to be more inclusive, more critical and more supportive of the marginalized voices both on campus and in wider society, we welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with other sections of the Michigan Daily.

The Statement and MiC are extremely thankful for the opportunity to use our platforms to provide necessary space and promote important issues and voices within the larger University community.


Michigan In Color and Statement Editors

An Open Letter to Women of Color Considering Panhellenic Recruitment, by Kayla Countryman

SKIN, by Gaby Vasquez

Who Am I, by Sharae Franklin

Questions and Misperceptions, by Sarah Khan

My Cultural Currency: Kicking Ass and Taking Names, by Tanya Madhani

I Can’t Breathe: To Be Fat and Black, by Demario Longmire

Visual Statement: Michigan In Color

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