Letter From the Editors

Dear Readers,

Literary Issue, light of our lives, fire of our loins. Our sin, our soul.

It’s here. Finally. After a year, wait no more.

Dozens of students submitted their original work: Borges’s insults, Pita Kabab, insomnia, dead fish, stillbirths, bad sex—everything you ever wanted, you can find in these pages.

Welcome, enjoy.

Death Roe, by Cammie Finch

Larva, by Gavin Gao

Mindfulness, by Cammie Finch

Nucleus, by Katarina Merlini

OK, by Cammie Finch

Between the Flash and Thunder, by San Pham

Most Downloaded Woman of 2000, by Eliza Cadoux

Bywater Squabble, by Eliza Cadoux

Little Sh*t, by Adam DePollo

Drunk and Overheard, by Yardain Amron

Wakeful: A Year in Sleep, by Claire Bryan

Are you guys, uh, cousins or something? by Rich Phillipson

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