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College is 75% over for me, and the data is in. I estimated: 

Number of broken microwaves: 2. Number of bus rides, total: 324. Number of rides on the wrong bus: 7. Number of times caught in the act, any act: 26. Number of times caught in the act, carrying food out of the dining hall: 1. Number of boyfriends: 2. Number of times someone asked ‘If I order fries, will you eat some?’: 3. Number of Mojo cookies: 8. Number of essays: 28. Number of essays I’m proud of: 6. Number of different answers to ‘what are you studying?’: 8. Number of hangovers, bad: 1. mild: 8. Number of times Ann Arbor looked wonderfully unrecognizable after a snowstorm: 6. Number of tears, total: 53. In the UgLi: 13. In an advisor’s office: 3. Number of Instagram posts, total: 124. Of game days: 2. Number of times hearing Mr. Brightside: 54. Number of times I regretted going to Michigan: 0. Number of times I regretted going to a frat party: 11. Number of miles run: 1093. Number of times I stayed in on a weekend and felt crushingly lonely: 5. Number of times I teleported: 0. Number of times I wanted to teleport: 86. Number of acquaintances met: 578; remembered: 287. Number of close friends: 3. Number of cats owned: 1. Number of miracles witnessed: 0. Number of snow days: 2. Number of times I felt like the college experience was slipping away from me: 3. Number of movies watched: 31. Number of urinary tract infections: 2. Number of times I’ve bitten my fingernails: 85. Number of times I’ve bitten my tongue: 32. Number of times I’ve bitten an apple: 103. Number of times an apple has fallen out of my bag in Lorch 140 and rolled to the very front of the room, which made everyone laugh: 1. Number of times I’ve raised my hand in class: 44. Number of address, first: 1625; second: 109; third: 645. Number of dollars spent on pizza: 88. Number of all-nighters: 1. Number of times I felt stupid: 51. Number of times I felt smart: 22. Number of exams taken: 45. Number of study groups joined: 8. Number of times my heart stopped while waiting for the autograder: 4. Number of dates, from an app: 11. Number of dates, the dried fruit: 3. Number of beers: 107. Number of bears: 0. Number of haircuts: 6. Number of times I ate salad with my mouth open and my boyfriend told me I looked like a little bunny: 1. Number of psychics who told me to break up with him: 1. Number of breakups: 2. Number of times getting back together: 1. Number of Facetime calls: 560. Number of postcards: 3. Number of poster sales: 3. Number of tacos: 12. Number of people I kissed, total: 24. That I enjoyed: 15. Number of club listservs: 28. Number of regrets: 1. Number of trips to office hours: 67. Number of times I sat down at the library with a full laptop battery and full to-do list and got nothing done: 6. Number of times I thought my career was over, even though I wasn’t yet twenty-one, nor had I started a career: 9. Number of times I considered dropping out, jokingly: 18; seriously: 1. Number of times I looked around Chem 1800 and assumed everyone there was smarter than I was: 12. Number of iClicker questions: 342; correct: 238; incorrect: not sure, too much math. Number of times I saw my GSI on a dating app: 2. Number of times I felt like college was some supernatural rebirth, a full-body transformation that was preparing me for the real world: 0. Number of research studies I participated in just to talk to someone and feel important: 7. Number of toasted bagels from the Dude with MBucks: 12. Number of pensive walks through the Arb: 13. Number of giggly wine nights: 24. Number of hours ‘studying’ with friends (descending into 1 a.m. laughter and obscure Youtube videos): 142. Number of times I loved a lecture so much I told someone else all about it: 5. Number of times I met an underclassman and felt strangely wise and nostalgic: 2. Number of times I felt sure of where I’d be in a year: 0. 

Michigan — for all its stress — is a place where I’ve found passion, remarkable joy, myself. And 273 squirrels, 7 hobbies and 3 years worth of memories (so far). 

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