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It’s not every day that a player in a 6-foot-7 frame can do all the things that Jett Howard can. He profiles as a knockdown shooter, a two-way player, a three-level scorer and a more than capable playmaker. 

The son of Michigan head coach Juwan Howard and 37th ranked player nationally in the class of 2022, according to 247sports, Jett committed to the Wolverines from IMG Academy on Instagram Live Wednesday afternoon. The four-star prospect has shown he not only possesses all the tools to play at the collegiate level, but to flourish.

“He’s an elite playmaker,” IMG Academy coach Sean McAloon said. “He can make plays off the dribble, and he’s also an elite shooter. I think the thing that people don’t notice enough about him is that I don’t think there’s anybody (at his position) that passes the ball better than he does. The things that he sees, the way in which he sees them and how he delivers on time, it’s a special quality.”

It’s because of these qualities that Michigan has reason to anticipate Jett’s arrival next season. A versatile wing player that can make the extra pass or knock down a jump shot could find a spot on any college team in America.

And when Jett steps foot in Ann Arbor, he figures to be in contention for a starting role. McAloon believes that he is well-suited to play the ‘2’ in college and immediately make a difference on the Wolverines’ perimeter.

But, in order to become someone who could lead a college-level offense, Jett will have to find a way to take his game to the next level.

“Vocally, he’s not ready to put the pieces where they need to be,” McAloon said. “But, I believe he has the ability inside to (initiate offense at a college level) as long he’s willing to vocally put the pieces on the map … I’m sure that would be the next step in his growth.”

If Jett finds a way to elevate himself to that next level that McAloon suggested, then there’s no telling how high his ceiling could be.

For now, Jett is ranked 37th nationally, but with his senior season at IMG Academy still to come, his ranking could very well rise over the course of next year. McAloon certainly thinks there are areas to his game that scouts are overlooking.

“I think people don’t give him the credit he deserves,” McAloon said. “I think people miss on him, and they think it’s like, well, you know, it was given to him.

“Nobody gave him the ability to shoot the way shoots, and nobody gave him the ability to pass the way he passes, or the instincts that he has. Those are things that are worked on. And I think a lot of times people just see what they want to see as opposed to the time that somebody puts in the gym.”

And if Jett has his way, he’ll soon be recognized for being more than just Juwan’s son.