The Big Ten wasn’t the only Power Five conference to postpone fall sports.

Tuesday afternoon, the PAC 12 joined it.

In its announcement, the PAC 12 did not only postpone fall sports competitions, but all sports through the end of 2020. 

When conditions improve,” the conference said in a statement. “It would consider a return to competition for impacted sports after January 1, 2021.”

As a consequence, the Michigan men’s basketball game against Oregon, scheduled to be played Nov. 14, will no longer take place — at least not then.

Last season, the then-tenth-ranked Ducks bested the then-fifth-ranked Wolverines 71-70 in overtime. This season, neither team will get a chance to prove who’s better.

This is the first glimpse of a real threat to college basketball and accompanying winter sports. If more conferences choose to follow the PAC 12’s lead and postpone college athletics past the fall season, it could have drastic effects on NCAA basketball as a whole.


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