Ibi Watson will transfer from Michigan to “explore other options,” he announced via Twitter on Thursday: 

The sophomore guard struggled to find the floor with the Wolverines over the past two seasons after coming to Michigan as a three-star recruit, according to 247Sports.

Watson averaged just 5.2 minutes per game with 2.2 points per game. Though he did contribute in a few tournament games, it typically came as one of the last people off the bench.

His transfer comes at an opportune time for the Wolverines. With five new recruits entering next season, Michigan needed to free up a scholarship to fit all of the incomers on next season’s roster. Additionally, the Wolverines have been rumored to be in contact with South Dakota guard Matt Mooney as a possible incoming graduate transfer.

So, Michigan’s scholarship situation was already tight, and it needed help. That help could potentially have come from junior forward Moritz Wagner heading to the NBA, which seems somewhat likely. But now, Watson’s transfer clears up enough space for next year’s freshmen, and, if Wagner does go pro, Mooney. 

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