INDIANAPOLIS —  Last year, the Daily hockey beat ran a series of articles called “Quick Hits.” They featured one-on-one interviews with the hockey players, which often detailed some less serious topics.

Now, with the Michigan men’s basketball team competing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the Daily is turning Quick Hits into Fast Breaks.

For the first edition, the Daily sat down with senior forward Sean Lonergan, senior guard Andrew Dakich, freshman forward Ibi Watson and redshirt sophomore forward DJ Wilson to discuss chicken tenders, podcasts and hair styles.

The Michigan Daily: Have you ever been a part of a shooting performance like that?

Andrew Dakich: We were talking about it yesterday at dinner. One time against Texas in the NCAA Tournament we hit 14 3s, our freshman year, but other than that no, I’ve never seen anything like that where we hit 11 of 13. …Obviously it’s a lot of hype on the bench.

Sean Lonergan: I said, the worst part was you got up because we just made a big shot to put us ahead, or tie the game or make a little bit of a run, and then they’re down scoring in four seconds and you’re sitting right back down like, ‘My god guys I’m trying to get hype! But can you get a stop quicker than four seconds?’

TMD: The chicken fingers, are these the ones you talked about on the podcast?

AD: No but these should be talked about on the podcast. Absolutely phenomenal.

SL: Are you guys talking about Carlyle ones?

AD: Oh yeah, the chicken tender platters. He knows about it. Everybody knows about it. Our entire team gets them for the road trip. Everyone gets the same thing.

TMD: That was a flat-out endorsement.

SL: That is exactly what that was.

AD: I know, but I said I’m not trying to advertise.

TMD: Do you listen to Pardon My Take?

AD: (Sean) does all the time. I listen off of him. I’ve heard it a couple times but I don’t think I’ve listened to a full episode. But I want to, I’ve just never been into podcasts actually. (Sean’s) not a fan of the show.

SL: I don’t listen because I live with him. I live with Dak and Dunc, so I get this 24/7. I don’t need to listen to the extra 30 minutes. I know what’s coming.

TMD: Are you going to be a guest ever?

AD: He may not just be a guest, he may have the whole episode just based off of Sean Lonergan. He’d be really good at that.

TMD: The Sean Lonergan special?

SL: I said yesterday on the bus, I was like ‘Hey when am I getting on the show?’ He was like, ‘Oh you’re coming, I’m just a little worried you might just take the show.’

AD: That’s true too.

TMD: Why did you choose Duncan and not him?

AD: He actually came up with it. It was Duncan’s idea. He brought it to Tom Wywrot in the beginning of the year and we just never came around to doing it until the Big Ten Tournament.

TMD: I didn’t listen last night but I saw you guys did (a segment on) the top 5 lunch pail players right?

AD: Yeah, we said non-Michigan players. Sean probably would have been on it. We had Amile Jefferson, Zak Showalter — we said anyone on Wisconsin.

SL: I walked into the room when they’re about to start, Duncan’s just sitting on his laptop, he’s like ‘Sean give me a guy who does nothing but care about winning games. That’s what I need.’ Wisconsin came up, I was like, ‘Basically go through the last 20 years of Wisconsin and just pick a guy.’

TMD: Did Aaron Craft make the list?

AD: It was players right now. He could’ve 100 percent made the list.

SL: He’s a lunch pail guy.

In a separate interview, Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman was discussing Wilson’s personality and what makes him unique. Naturally, Wilson’s hair came up. Watson shares the locker next to Abdur-Rahkman, and felt the need to comment.

Ibi Watson: He got this from me, funny story. I was in high school, he saw me with this in high school when I came on a visit. Next thing I knew, his hair was like this.

Xavier Simpson: That’s definitely true. That’s what DJ says.

IW: He tried to switch it up with lines. I used to have those.

TMD: Then you outgrew it?

IW: Well that’s what you do when you’re younger. Lines are for when you’re younger.

TMD: Didn’t he have this haircut his freshman year though?

IW: Yeah. I’ve had it since sixth grade. I’ve been doing this.

TMD: Do you care if I ask him about what you just said?

IW: Go ahead and ask him. He’s probably gonna lie to you.

TMD: He’s saying that you stole the haircut from him.

DJ Wilson: Oh hell no.

IW: Woah, woah.

DW: When did you get that? When did you get it?

IW: I’ve been at this since sixth grade. I came up, I visited up here, next thing I knew you had this.

DW: You’re lying, you came up here in sixth grade?

IW: Seventh — uh, or eighth.

DW: Look he’s lying, He’s stuttering, he don’t even know what grade he was in.

IW: Eighth grade.

DW: You came up here on a visit in eighth grade? I wasn’t here when you were in eighth grade.

IW: You went to the barber and were like, ‘Yo can I get the same thing Ibi has?’ and that’s how it came about. …It’s thievery.

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