Michigan men’s basketball team head coach Juwan Howard announced at a press conference on Friday afternoon that senior center Austin Davis will be out indefinitely after sustaining a plantar fascia injury in the team’s 91-71 win over Toledo. 

“While we are sad to have Austin suffer an injury right now, we were glad to hear that there is a possibility of his return at the appropriate time,” Howard said. “We know Alex (Wong) and all the members of the U-M medical staff will take good care of Big Country.”

Davis, who has started every game at center for the Wolverines this season, is averaging 6.0 points per game and 3.6 rebounds per game, while shooting at a 75% clip. While freshman center Hunter Dickinson has played the majority of minutes at the center position, Davis remains a vocal in-game leader. 

Junior forward Brandon Johns Jr. should see a bump in minutes at the ‘5’ going forward, as well as an increased burden on Dickinson, though Howard declined to comment on what the team’s depth chart may look like in the wake of Davis’s injury. In a season more unpredictable than any to come before it, every player on the Michigan roster will have to be ready.

“All hands on deck, brother,” Howard said. “So you go ahead and fill in the blanks.”

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