On a day that was filled with firsts, one thing remained constant: the dominance of junior attacker Brent Noseworthy. In the first game ever played at the new U-M Lacrosse Stadium, Noseworthy helped lead the Michigan men’s lacrosse team to a 15-5 victory over Cleveland State on Saturday afternoon. The win marked the first in the career of coach Kevin Conry, previously the defensive coordinator at national powerhouse Maryland.

Noseworthy, who set a program record with 38 goals last season, kickstarted the Wolverines’ offense with a goal just 43 seconds into the game.

“It’s definitely a good feeling when we can get on the board—whoever it’s against—fast,” Noseworthy said. “Good way to set the tone.” 

Noseworthy was a huge factor throughout the game, scoring five goals against a hapless Vikings defensive unit. He previously set a program record with six goals in a game against Cleveland State last season.

Conry spoke glowingly of his star player in his postgame interview, noting that he will play a major role in the Michigan’s quest to rise to prominence in a tough Big Ten conference.

“He’s such a steady rock for us, and we’re gonna lean on him going forward,” Conry said.

Noseworthy added: “I don’t really do much for myself.  A lot of the goals are being in the right place at the right time.”

Noseworthy’s efforts were made all the more impressive in less-than-ideal conditions, which saw the entire field coated in white powder, while mountains of snow surrounded all four sides of the field. 

Conry admitted after the game his team had to make some adjustments, especially on defense.

However, despite his coach’s comments, Noseworthy didn’t feel like the snow hindered his team’s gameplan.

“I think we stuck with what we were comfortable with running. The snow made it difficult with some dodges,” he said.

Despite Michigan’s season opening victory, the team isn’t planning on celebrating for long, especially due to the fact that the Wolverines started last season 8-1—only to finish at 8-6. 

“I think it’ll be quickly celebrated and then forgotten,” Noseworthy said. “We have our next game Tuesday, that’s kind of part of the mentality.  We had a great game, but it’s onto the next”

Still, this win is a step in the right direction for a Michigan squad that is desperately trying to establish a winning culture, though the real tests loom in conference play. With Conry patrolling the sidelines and Noseworthy’s scoring prowess, the future could be bright.

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