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An embarrassing week for Daniel Dash as he puts up a 2-6 record on the weekend, allowing Brendan Roose to complete the comeback and open up a four-game lead over the once-dominant picker. Jared Greenspan, meanwhile, actually notched a winning week, his first since Week 2. Can he work his way back to even? Will Dash rebound?

Week 8 record:

Cumulative records:

10/30 noon Michigan -4 vs Michigan State:

10/30 noon Iowa +3.5 vs Wisconsin:

10/30 noon Rutgers -1.5 vs Illinois:

10/30 noon Indiana +5.5 vs Maryland:

10/30 3:30 pm Minnesota -7.5 vs Northwestern:

10/30 3:30 pm Texas Tech +19.5 vs Oklahoma:

10/30 3:30 pm Purdue +7.5 vs Nebraska:

10/30 7:30 pm Penn State +18.5 vs Ohio State: