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The comeback is … almost complete. Brendan Roose closed in on Daniel Dash with a really strong Week 7, while Jared Greenspan kept doing his thing and went 2-for-8 on picks. But you know what, it’s okay. He knows what he’s good at, and he knows it’s not this. 

For Week 8, does Roose take the lead? Or does Dash finally pick a Michigan game correctly and regain his lead? 

Week 7 record:

Roose: 6-2

Greenspan: 2-6

Dash: 4-4

Cumulative records:

Roose: 39-32

Greenspan: 31-40

Dash: 39-32

10/23 noon Northwestern +23.5 vs Michigan:

Roose: Michigan

Greenspan: Michigan

Dash: Northwestern

10/23 noon Illinois +23.5 vs Penn State:

Roose: Illinois

Greenspan: Illinois 

Dash: Penn State

10/23 3:00 pm Wisconsin -3 vs Purdue:

Roose: Wisconsin

Greenspan: Purdue

Dash: Wisconsin

10/23 3:30 pm Maryland +5 vs Minnesota:

Roose: Maryland

Greenspan: Minnesota 

Dash: Maryland

10/23 3:30 pm Oregon +2 vs UCLA:

Roose: Oregon

Greenspan: UCLA

Dash: Oregon

10/23 3:30 pm Clemson +3 vs Pitt:

Roose: Pitt

Greenspan: Clemson

Dash: Clemson

10/23 7:00 pm San Diego State +3.5 vs Air Force:

Roose: San Diego State

Greenspan: San Diego State

Dash: Air Force

10/23 7:30 pm Ohio State -20 vs Indiana:

Roose: Indiana

Greenspan: Ohio State 

Dash: Indiana