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Daniel Dash has yet to pick a Michigan game right, but luckily he has a week off from that misery. Brendan Roose is starting to make it competitive and, well, then there’s Jared Greenspan. Good job Jared, you’re doing great! 

While the Wolverines aren’t playing this weekend, we still lay out all our predictions for the Big Ten slate, plus a couple juicy national matchups.

Week 6 Record:

Cumulative Record:

10/16 noon Oklahoma State +5 vs Texas:

10/16 noon Michigan State -4.5 vs Indiana:

10/16 noon Nebraska -4 vs Minnesota:

10/16 noon Rutgers -2 vs Northwestern:

10/16 3:30 pm Kentucky +23 vs Georgia:

10/16 3:30 pm Purdue +11.5 vs Iowa:

10/16 7:30 pm NC State -3 vs Boston College:

10/16 8:00 pm Army +14 vs Wisconsin: