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… Yikes. Kent (Schwartz) State let everyone down, and I sincerely apologize for that. Michigan also joined the ranks of duping all of our beat writers, who seemingly hopped on the hype train just soon enough for them to flounder. Will the Wolverines stump them again?

Week 4 Record:

Roose – 5-6

Greenspan – 3-8 

Dash – 4-7

Cumulative Records:

Roose – 22-23

Greenspan – 20-25

Dash – 24-21

10/1 8:00 pm Iowa -3 vs Maryland:

Brendan Roose: Iowa

Jared Greenspan: Iowa 

Daniel Dash: Iowa

10/2 noon Arkansas +18 vs Georgia:

Brendan Roose: Arkansas

Jared Greenspan: Georgia 

Daniel Dash: Georgia

10/2 noon Michigan +2 vs Wisconsin:

Brendan Roose: Michigan

Jared Greenspan: Michigan 

Daniel Dash: Wisconsin

10/2 noon Charlotte +11 vs Illinois:

Brendan Roose: Illinois

Jared Greenspan: Illinois 

Daniel Dash: Charlotte

10/2 noon Minnesota +2.5 vs Purdue:

Brendan Roose: Purdue

Jared Greenspan: Minnesota 

Daniel Dash: Minnesota

10/2 2:30 pm Cincinnati -1.5 vs Notre Dame:

Brendan Roose: Cincinnati

Jared Greenspan: Cincinnati 

Daniel Dash: Notre Dame

10/2 3:30 pm Ohio State -15 vs Rutgers:

Brendan Roose: Ohio State

Jared Greenspan: RUTGERS

Daniel Dash: Ohio State

10/2 7:30 pm Indiana +12.5 vs Penn State:

Brendan Roose: Penn State

Jared Greenspan: Indiana

Daniel Dash: Penn State

10/2 7:30 pm Western Kentucky +14.5 vs Michigan State:

Brendan Roose: Michigan State

Jared Greenspan: Western Kentucky 

Daniel Dash: Western Kentucky

10/2 7:30 pm Northwestern +11.5 vs Nebraska:

Brendan Roose: Northwestern

Jared Greenspan: Northwestern 

Daniel Dash: Nebraska