(Update: Thursday morning at his press conference ahead of Friday’s Orange Bowl, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh gave no further comment on the incident involving Grant Perry. “I would just refer you back to the statement that the University made,” he said.)

Michigan sophomore wide receiver Grant Perry’s charges for criminal sexual conduct stem from an Oct. 15 incident in which Perry allegedly grabbed a woman in line outside an East Lansing bar, according to a police report obtained by the Daily via public records request.

The police report, in which the alleged victim’s name is redacted, states that Perry “reached with his R hand down to (the victim’s) groin region, touching her vagina and groping it.”

“It was noted that (the victim) was very angry that his friends were continuing to defend him and back him up in stating that it wasn’t him after she was groped,” the report continues.

Perry, 19, was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He was also charged with a minor in possession and a felony charge of assaulting, battering, resisting or obstructing an officer. The resisting charge was from an incident in which Perry ran from the officer before he was caught.

After Perry was pushed out of line at Lou and Harry’s bar in East Lansing, the reporting officer “immediately grabbed hold of that subject and asked for his ID at which time that subject tensed up. (The officer) advised the subject to relax and hand me his ID. The subject was fumbling through his wallet through his ID. (The officer) could observe an ID on the top of the outside of his wallet however the subject was not handing me that ID.”

Then, the officer told Perry to hand him that ID, “at which time the subject then tensed up and began to run down the alley in an E direction away from Lou and Harry’s.”

“I immediately grabbed hold of the subject and began to tackle him to the ground,” the reporting officer wrote in his report. According to the document, the reporting officer grabbed Perry’s right wrist while another officer grabbed his left. Then, “it appeared to (the officer) that he was still trying to bring his L arm away from his body as well as hunch his back/butt up in the air in attempt to get away. RO then indicated to the subject that I would tase him if he did not remain on the ground and put his hands behind his back.” Perry was then secured, according to the report.

The reporting officer also stated that he “could smell a strong odor of intox coming from Perry. His balance was very poor when (the officer) stood him up to get him inside the patrol vehicle.”

Perry refused a preliminary breath test. The officers later found a fake ID for Perry from Florida and confiscated it. After the arrest, the report stated that the reporting officer received a minor injury to his right thumb but had not sought medical attention at the time of the report.

According to a supplemental police interview with the alleged victim, the conflict started when Perry and two friends cut in line outside the bar and the alleged victim called them on it. When the bouncer intervened, Perry and his friends started arguing with him. Then, according to the interview, Perry and his friends “turned around licking their lips and smiling. She also stated that they started verbally saying that they went to a crappy school.”

“(The alleged victim) stated that the guy who grabbed her was wearing at one point a hooded shirt with some sort of baseball cap which she described as having some blue and gold, but she wasn’t sure if it was a Michigan hat,” the report continued. “She stated that this male had his hood up over his hat, but pulled back and told her, ‘I go to Michigan baby. Your school sucks.’ ”

In the interview, the alleged victim states that “I told him not to get aggressive with me and he replied back to (me), ‘You want to see aggressive.’ ”

The officers arrived at the bar at 12:24 a.m. on Oct. 15, when Perry was in East Lansing during Michigan’s bye week. The sophomore was suspended for the next two games, against Illinois and Michigan State, for undisclosed reasons. He then dressed for the Wolverines’ last four games. The Athletic Department said in a statement last Thursday that Perry will now be suspended indefinitely until the legal process is complete.

“The University was made aware of the arrest of student-athlete Grant Perry earlier this fall,” the statement read. “He was immediately suspended from all team activities at that time and missed two games. Based on the information at that time, Grant was allowed to resume team activities pending the outcome of the investigation.

“Upon being informed that charges would be filed, he was immediately and indefinitely suspended from all team activities until the legal process is completed.”

Perry is scheduled for a pretrial examination Jan. 5 in East Lansing, meaning that he will miss the Orange Bowl on Friday against Florida State.

According to the police report, Perry’s attorney contacted the police on Nov. 1 to relay Perry’s claim that “there was another light-skinned (black male) possibly involved in this incident.” Perry took a polygraph test, and according to the report, none of his three answers indicated “deception.”

The night of the incident, Perry made two phone calls to his mother from the East Lansing Police Department jail. The report states that in one call, Perry told his mother, “I (expletive) up,” to which she responded, “Yeah buddy you did.” Asked if the incident was “really bad,” Perry later told his mother “No, not at all and it’s kind of (expletive) up what happened.”

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