It’s clear that Shea Patterson is feeling good these days.

All you have to do to know that is ask the sophomore quarterback’s teammates.

After the Wolverines beat Western Michigan two weeks ago, senior defensive end Chase Winovich talked about Patterson’s demeanor.

“The thing about Shea is that he just has such a sense of confidence that doesn’t come off as cocky, but you just know and he knows — this is my opinion about it — that he’s the man,” Winovich said last week. “He’s the man for the job, and he can get the job done.”

On Tuesday, Patterson took his turn with the media, but not before sophomore fullback Ben Mason spoke. And while he answered questions, Patterson poked his head up over the railing in Schembechler Hall to watch Mason.

“I mean, you just saw it,” Mason said, pointing up to where Patterson was peaking over the wall. “Everybody on the team likes him.”

If Patterson played any other position, these descriptions wouldn’t be valued at all. But he doesn’t. He’s the brand new, transfer quarterback at Michigan, and he’s under the microscope that accompanies that position. So people care that he has acclimated quickly to the team and feels comfortable.

Last week, Patterson got the chance to respond to Wolverines fans who were panicking after the Week 1 loss to Notre Dame.

Patterson said to relax. It’s not that he wants fans to pipe down completely, just that it’s a long season, and not everything goes perfectly.

“I understand the tradition and expectations that surround this program, and that’s what it is,” Patterson said. “It’s the University of Michigan. I’m proud to just be here and be a part of the team. Just when I say that, it’s understanding that nobody’s expectations are bigger than our own here in this football office. So we’re just going to continue to get better every single week.”

When it comes down to it, though, none of that stuff matters outside of the team. What does matter is the product on the field.

That part is much more obvious to an outside observer. Patterson has completed 70 percent of his passes, has six touchdowns and has given the Michigan the kind of dynamic playmaker in the passing game that they’ve been longing for.

He has called Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh the best coach he has ever played for. He seems to be grasping the concepts of Harbaugh’s offensive schemes.

“I think it’s right where I needed to be,” Patterson said, when asked if he’s ahead of schedule. “Just learning, learning every single day. Learning every single day from (Harbaugh) and the coaching staff who have been around the game of football for so many years.

“… There’s nothing left unsaid or unsure about. You know, if you make a mistake, (Harbaugh) is gonna come talk to you — not necessarily yell at you — but tell you, ‘Hey, this is what we’re doing. You know, this is what I need you to do.’ So I think that’s awesome.”

All of this is made especially impressive by the fact that Patterson is a transfer. It was less than a year ago when he announced he’d be transferring from Mississippi to Michigan.

Then there was the whole saga of whether Patterson would even be eligible to play. And yet, after all of that, Harbaugh named Patterson the starting quarterback before the opener for the first time since he’s been the head coach.

Maybe that should have been a testament to just how comfortable Patterson was, and how quickly he got there. If there was any doubt after that, or any doubt after Winovich espoused his quarterback’s confidence, there shouldn’t be now.

As Patterson began to wrap up his media session on Tuesday, he was asked if he feels like the best quarterback he’s ever been.

“A lot of room to grow, and a lot of stuff to learn from over the past three weeks,” Patterson said. “But as far as the comfort level, I’ve never been this comfortable than in this system and with this team and with these coaches.”

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