The Michigan Daily is, mostly, on vacation. The Michigan football team, unfortunately for us, is not.

Given that reality, this was the solution we came up with. It’s something between a column and a notebook, touching on everything from the Citrus Bowl to National Signing Day to a few random things in between. 

And, because it’s fairly long, I’ll just get to it.

1. The directive to play in the Citrus Bowl seems to be pretty universal amongst Michigan’s players, both after last Friday’s awards show and this Friday morning when players were made available in Schembechler Hall. It’s a combination of factors as to why — a desire to finish what they started, a lingering frustration over the guys who skipped last year’s Peach Bowl and the simple fact that playing Alabama offers a unique chance to put something on tape — but the overriding sense is the Wolverines are pretty motivated. That probably means something.

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