The Daily's football beat makes their week three predictions. Madeline Hinkley/Daily. Buy this photo.

Shockingly, our football writers are competent. After a poor first week, they rebounded (probably because they couldn’t pick Fordham) and now all of them are over .500 for the season. Will that remain the case after week three?

Week 2 records:

Brendan Roose: 7-4

Jared Greenspan: 8-3

Daniel Dash: 8-3

Cumulative records:

Roose: 12-9

Greenspan: 11-10

Dash: 14-7

9/17 9:00 pm Maryland -7.5 at Illinois

Roose: Maryland (I’m sorry Bert)

Greenspan: Illinois 

Dash: Illinois +7.5

9/18 12:00 pm Nebraska +22.5 at Oklahoma

Roose: Oklahoma

Greenspan: Oklahoma 

Dash: Oklahoma

9/18 12:00 pm Cincinnati -3.5 at Indiana

Roose: Cincinnati

Greenspan: Cincinnati 

Dash: Cincinnati

9/18 12:00 pm Michigan State +3.5 at No. 24 Miami

Roose: Michigan State

Greenspan: Miami 

Dash: Miami

9/18 12:00 pm Northern Illinois +27 at Michigan

Roose: Northern Illinois

Greenspan: Michigan

Dash: Northern Illinois

9/18 1:00 pm Minnesota +2.5 at Colorado

Roose: Colorado

Greenspan: Colorado 

Dash: Minnesota

9/18 2:30 pm Purdue +7.5 at Notre Dame

Roose: Purdue

Greenspan: Notre Dame 

Dash: Notre Dame

9/18 3:30 pm Alabama -15.5 at Florida

Roose: Florida

Greenspan: Alabama 

Dash: Alabama

9/18 3:30 pm Kent State +22 at Iowa

Roose: Kent State

Greenspan: Iowa 

Dash: Iowa

9/18 3:30 pm Tulsa +26 at Ohio State

Roose: Ohio State

Greenspan: Ohio State 

Dash: Ohio State

9/18 3:30 pm Delaware at Rutgers

Roose: Rutgers

Greenspan: Rutgers 

Dash: Rutgers

9/18 4:00 pm Northwestern -2.5 at Duke

Roose: Northwestern

Greenspan: Northwestern 

Dash: Northwestern

9/18 7:30 pm Auburn +6 at Penn State

Roose: Penn State

Greenspan: Auburn

Dash: Penn State