The Daily Football Beat makes its predictions for Week 2. Allison Engkvist/Daily. Buy this photo.

It was an abysmal showing from the football beat, going 14-16 on the weekend. Only Daniel Dash escaped with a winning record after a stunning comeback, having started 0-2. Fordham, meanwhile, broke the camel’s back for Jared Greenspan’s picks and dropped him to a measly 3-7. 

This week, Daniel wants you to know he picks Washington to win outright, not just against the spread. Jared and Brendan, meanwhile, lack any sense of creativity.

Will they do better this week? Definitely not, but read our content — we crave the attention.


Brendan Roose: 5-5

Jared Greenspan: 3-7

Daniel Dash: 6-4

Week 2 GAME

9/11 11:00 am Virginia -10 vs Illinois

Brendan: Illinois — never pick against Bert

Jared: Virginia

Daniel: Virginia

9/11 12:00 pm Ohio State -14.5 vs Oregon

Brendan: Ohio State

Jared: Ohio State 

Daniel: Oregon

9/11 12:00 pm Minnesota -20 vs Miami (OH)

Brendan: Miami

Jared: Minnesota

Daniel: Minnesota

9/11 2:00 pm Syracuse +2 vs Rutgers

Brendan: Rutgers

Jared: Rutgers

Daniel: Rutgers

9/11 3:00 pm UConn +33.5 vs Purdue

Brendan: Purdue

Jared: Purdue

Daniel: UConn

9/11 3:30 pm Penn State -22.5 vs Ball State

Brendan: Penn State

Jared: Penn State

Daniel: Penn State

9/11 3:30 pm Nebraska -13.5 vs Buffalo

Brendan: Buffalo

Jared: Buffalo

Daniel: Nebraska

9/11 4:30 pm Iowa State -4.5 vs Iowa

Brendan: Iowa

Jared: Iowa

Daniel: Iowa

9/11 7:00 pm Wisconsin -26 vs Eastern Michigan

Brendan: Eastern Michigan

Jared: Wisconsin

Daniel: Wisconsin

9/11 8:00 pm Michigan -6.5 vs Washington

Brendan: Michigan

Jared: Michigan

Daniel: Washington

9/11 10:15 pm BYU +7 vs Utah

Brendan: BYU

Jared: BYU

Daniel: Utah