Cameron Amine is Michigan wrestling royalty. 

His father, uncle, two cousins and brother all went through the program, and their family produces top-tier collegiate athletes — All Americans and NCAA finalists among them. As the newest Amine to join the team, Cameron expects a dominant year coming off his redshirt season. 

Entering his freshman year a season ago, it was understood Amine was going to redshirt. While he wanted to jump right into the line of fire, he recognized he needed to get stronger and smarter before competing. 

“I thought I was ready for the college level,”Amine said. “But once I first came in it was like ‘I got to adapt to the style.’ ” 

During his first year as a Wolverine waiting for an opportunity, Amine never stopped training. Every practice he brought a great intensity with the hope of more action next year. In the four tournaments he was allowed while retaining his redshirt, he went an impressive 15-5. 

“(Cameron) is a silent worker, really consistent and brings an incredible effort and intensity to all his workouts and training,” Michigan coach Sean Bormet said. “It (was) apparent during his freshman year.” 

Now as a redshirt freshman, Amine is ready to take on a more vocal and active role within the team. He’s been extremely competitive since he was a young kid with his brother and cousins, and now he’s ready to show it against tougher opponents. He wants to display to his teammates –and the rest of the conference — all of the work he put in during the offseason.

“I’m the young buck on this team, but I’m here and I’m going to challenge (my teammates),” Amine said. 

In addition to his work his freshman year, Amine spent all of the quarantine and summer working out. Between wrestling on the mats in his basement and working out in his relative’s garage gym, he feels his game has improved dramatically since last season. 

“(I think) I’m a little under the radar so I want to come out swinging,” Amine said. 

He always was at the top of the wrestling ladder in high school — winning three state championships for Detroit Catholic Central High School — and believes he’ll get back there. 

Additionally, Amine constantly puts immense expectations on himself. He wants to dominate. And he wants to win an NCAA Championship. 

“One of the great things about him is he loves to compete,” Bormet said. “He loves competing against the toughest guys in the country and with great composure.” 

Bormet shares Amine’s sentiments, thinking he and the team can achieve great accomplishments this season. 

Amine, like everyone else, is at the mercy of COVID-19, so his season is in limbo. If and when it starts, he plans on achieving one thing: dominance.

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