Behind Enemy Lines: Nebraska coach Tim Miles

By Simon Kaufman , Daily Sports Writer
Published January 26, 2015

Nebraska coach Tim Miles and his Cornhuskers were getting a little more attention before this season started than they had received the previous year.

Nebraska was picked to finish fourth in the Big Ten at the beginning of the season by the media. The year before, the Cornhuskers were picked 12th out of 12 teams in the preseason conference predictions.

The press had taken notice, and after making the NCAA Tournament last year, Miles’ table at Big Ten Media Day in October was a little more crowded than in past years. His newly acquired popularity prevented the Daily from questioning the coach about how he plans on covering Michigan’s big men and his thoughts on whether Nebraska junior Terran Petteway will come back for his senior season or declare for the NBA Draft, but we still fired off some questions regarding the more serious issue at hand: How does Miles always give the best press conference?

It was true at his 2013 Big Ten Media presser when he lightheartedly discussed his wife giving him a hard time for not recruiting enough and made self-deprecating comments about being picked to finish last. It was true at his postgame interview after losing at Michigan in February, when he muted himself in place of using a curse word and referenced Seinfeld. And it was true at Big Ten Media Day in October when he suggested a happy hour for the media.

Miles had to run from Media Day early to catch a flight back to Lincoln to make an afternoon practice, but that didn’t stop us from learning the art of a good press conference from the guy who practically invented it.

The Michigan Daily: Who gives your favorite press conference?

Tim Miles: I don’t watch any; I should probably. I’d probably get some good tips on how to act.

TMD: After last year’s performance at Big Ten Media Day, did you prep at all for today?

TM: Nope.

TMD: Honest?

TM: I don’t prep.

>Nebraska Sports Information Director: He didn’t prep. He has actual Big Ten knowledge.

TMD: What’s the best question you’ve ever been asked?

TM: Yours. That one right there.

TMD: If you could ask any basketball personality a question, who would you pick and what would you ask them?

TM: I would ask Bo Ryan how he does it. I think he is an unbelievable coach. (The Big Ten) has all of them. But Bo, being a guy that’s gone from a small college like me, and being so successful in the Big Ten, (getting) inside into his world would be great.