Courtesy of Tara Moore.

Position(s): 2021 Business Manager, 2020 Senior Account Executive 

Section(s): Business Department

Semesters at The Daily: 6

Figuring out how to encapsulate what The Michigan Daily has meant, and will continue to mean, to me in writing is all the more difficult when I’ve never actually written for this place.  

I joined The Daily at the end of my freshman year to do sales for the Business Department. I came into the office thinking that it would be an extracurricular that would give me some business experience. To my pleasant surprise, I have gained so much more than that (and spent wayyyy more time here than any normal extracurricular). Being part of the business bubble allowed me to find a little home at The Daily, and though I didn’t know much about what went on upstairs, I found myself engulfed in everything we put out and constantly wanted the students after me to receive a similar Daily experience.

Co-leading and being part of the summer committee allowed me to see past the business office and understand the very, very complicated inner workings of The Daily. Thank you to Erin, Julianna, Zack, Jack and Schuyler for teaching me so much and creating something we could all be proud of. You all sparked my deep passion for The Daily and its future, leading me to want to become Business Manager.

I am so thankful for everyone here at The Daily, and there are so many people that have made my past four years so impactful. 

Anita, you continue to be my saving grace and the person I go to before making a decision. You are one of a kind and I loved following in your footsteps. Ryan, Kevin, Mingi, Tommy, Lilly and so many more, you welcomed us in and showed us what TMD Business was all about — I miss you all in the office and at Daily bondings.

James, you challenged me and taught me how to push myself to be a better leader and person. Student Publications is so unbelievably lucky to have you. We may never be able to fully build the plane before flying it, but we sure can try to multitask.

Kathy, Kim, Lisa and the entire Board — thank you for your constant support and advice. Claire, I can’t believe we actually did it. You are an incredible leader, but more importantly, an incredible friend. I am so grateful. Now we get to hang out without The Daily seeping into our conversations. 

To everyone that I have gotten to know on Edit, you all impress me with your dedication and talent. Brittany and Jack, getting to watch you both in your positions this past year has been so motivating. The Daily would not be what it is without you guys. I’m grateful for the friendships we have formed through dealing with remarkable crises. Alex, I can’t remember how we became friends, but I am so glad we did. Never forget meeting you for the first time in person with Claire and you got denied from Jug. One day we will get revenge! 

Analise, I wouldn’t be me without you. From our first texts about training being during welcome week to now — having you here made every frustrating day worth it and all the best days that much better. Here’s to forever!

Schuyler, from that random conversation that defined our friendship in March 2020 right before Spring Break/COVID-19 — who would’ve thought we’d get here. I would not have gotten through this past year without having you to rant to or play darts with during virtual meetings. I’m not sure how we ended up being on the same page for so many things but it has made this experience so much easier. 

Aaron, Katie and Anna, I am so beyond excited to watch what you guys bring to The Daily next year. Thank you for sticking with this when we were all virtual and we could barely interact more than a weekly meeting. Getting to see you guys in person makes me so unbelievably happy.

Aaron, I know you are going to kill it as the next Business Manager. Thank you for being such a proponent of Daily bondings, gonna miss you kid. 

To all of my friends who have heard at least one of my Daily rants, I love you all. Kayla, Mom and Dad, thank you for everything (and for donating to every fundraiser I throw your way).

This is a lot longer than I thought it would be, and I guess it goes to show that The Daily has been one of the favorite parts of my time at Michigan. It has also been one of the places where I’ve grown the most. The Daily has taken so much of my time and energy: many late nights, working in the middle of classes, emails and texts that I had looming and marked unread that I knew I needed to respond to, and definitely some tears. But at the end of the day, The Daily has also given me so much, and I love it more than anything. I am so proud of this organization and everyone a part of it. The people are what make this place so incredible.