Quote card by The Daily.

Position(s): 2021 MiC Assistant Editor

Section(s): Michigan in Color

Semesters at The Daily: 3

Monday evenings have been the highlight of my week throughout this semester. As one who dreads Mondays with every extent of her being, it’s odd that’s the day I now look forward to, one that I anticipate with excitement and joy. My first and biggest thank you is to The Michigan Daily for making me fall in love with Mondays. Being on Monday shift this semester has added so many laughs, deep conversations and insights to my week. I’m going to miss walking into the newsroom at 5:50 p.m. sharp (because I can’t help but show up ten minutes early to everything), overpriced coffee (and the occasional snack) in hand, ready to start my evening. 

I joined The Daily in the middle of the pandemic as a columnist for Michigan in Color, and then became an Assistant Editor this past January. To be honest, I initially struggled to find my place within a virtually-operated paper. I yearned for the bonding and camaraderie in the newsroom that I had only heard tales of from older friends, but instead, I tried to make the most of the Zoom experience. I’m so grateful to everyone on the 2020-2021 staff for making MiC a space of comfort and inclusion, even if it was just through a computer screen. 

Coming back on campus as a senior this fall, all I could think about was that I could finally experience the universe that is The Michigan Daily’s newsroom. After punching in the wrong code five times on the day of my first shift because of the eroded numbers on the door’s keypad, I entered the newsroom just as the sun was setting; the entire room was bathed in a golden hue, and I was overwhelmed with happiness at finally living the true Daily experience. 

My first shoutout has to be to my parents who, unlike the typical Desi parent, never wavered in their support of my love for writing. They encouraged me to seek out writing opportunities wherever I went, and kept asking me when I was going to apply to join The Daily until I finally did right before the start of my junior year. 

Even though my time at MiC has only been a relatively short three semesters, I am immensely grateful for the people I have crossed paths with during the past year. Gabrijela and Anamika, I will forever be in awe of both of your passion, leadership, poise and gracefulness in the way you guided MiC throughout the past year. I leave every conversation with the two of you feeling refreshed and heard, and I am so thankful for every interaction and moment we have shared. 

From Wednesday shifts with Gabrijela and Maya last semester to Monday shifts with Anamika, Jessica, Eliya and (occasionally) Kat this past semester, I’m so blessed to have worked with such incredible women. Like I mentioned earlier, the MiC shift is what I look forward to every week and is what truly gets me out of bed on a Monday morning. This is because I’ve gotten the chance to interact with and learn from all of your perspectives and experiences. My heart feels lighter every time I leave a shift because of the laughs and stories we share, and it’s hard for me to believe this won’t be a part of my weekly routine anymore next semester. 

I owe a huge thank you to every columnist whose piece I’ve had the privilege of reading and editing. Every piece I open brings new ideas, introspections and life experiences that continue to remind me of the importance of Michigan in Color: Every one of us plays an active role in taking up space in the campus narrative. Being able to edit such transformative pieces throughout the past year has not only let me learn from each writer but has helped me become a better writer myself and truly realize the power of my own voice. 

My greatest regret in college is not joining The Daily earlier. Sometimes I lament over how much more involved I could have been if I joined my freshman year as my parents suggested, but nevertheless, The Daily, and specifically MiC, has been one of the most valuable and thought-provoking experiences of my college years. Mondays will probably cease to be my favorite day of the week with no evening shift to look forward to, but the memories and impact of MiC will be things I look back upon with nostalgia, gratefulness and love.