Courtesy of Spencer Raines

Position(s): 2022 Senior Editor, 2022 Football Beat Writer, 2021-22 Men’s Basketball Beat Writer, 2021 Softball Beat Writer, 2020 Sports and Society Beat Writer

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 8

I’ll always remember one night from this past semester more than I’ll remember any story I wrote at The Michigan Daily.

Picture this: it was just a random Sunday night in October. I didn’t go into The Daily that day for the sports meeting because I was home, I was feeling low and was just kind of burnt out. Being on the football beat had been so much fun, but, quite frankly, it was a lot — and I was savoring my night off.

Around 10 p.m. I got a text from one of my beat-mates that I had to go in for a meeting to discuss what we were writing for the Rivalry Edition — ew, right? That was honestly the last thing I wanted to do, but I had to, so I went in.

The second I walked into the newsroom I remembered why that place is, and always has been, my home throughout my college career. There were so many smiling faces that were genuinely happy to see me. And all of a sudden, I was smiling as much as everyone else was.

It’s hard to believe that it took almost three years for this to happen, but that night I think I finally appreciated what The Daily truly is: 

It’s a place you go where you are always welcome, where there’s always someone that’s happy you’re there.

I’ll always remember walking into my first meeting the day before the first day of school back in 2019. I walked into the newsroom for the first time and saw a kid that looked just as lost as I did — my current roommate and one of my best friends, Brandon — and instantly became friends with him.

The best part about The Daily isn’t the stories you write, the random memories or even beating the State News year after year, though those are all great, great things. It’s the people.

And I am forever indebted to the people that made my experience special.

It all started with Max and Ethan. I am so thankful that you guys made the newsroom a welcoming place for a freshman in college who didn’t really know where they were going to fit in. The first night I stuck around for Euchre and a late run to NYPD I knew The Daily was the place for me.

In a similar vein, thank you to everyone in the classes above me. Theo, Connor B., Teddy, Kent, Lane, Daniel, Alex, Grayson, Drew, Avi, Nick Moen (!!) — there are just so many people that made every minute I spent in and around The Daily so much fun.

Then there are some of my best friends like Brendan and Ethan (again) that I am just so happy that I met. There are too many memories to reminisce on, but just know that I love you guys.

Then there’s last year’s moops beat. Jack K., Nick and Josh, you guys mean the world to me. Our trip to Indianapolis last October and our odyssey to El Carreton really set the tone for the rest of the year, and I mean that in the absolute best way possible. I love you guys and both of the Alamos, even if we lost.

There’s also the softball beat that I will always be indebted to because it made me fall in love with writing again. Nick, Connor E. and Paul, you guys are all some of my best friends. And Connor and Paul, I know that you guys are going to do great — as long as you don’t burn the place down first.

And then there are so many more awesome people at The Daily that I didn’t even need to be on a beat with to become great friends with.

Abbie and Lily, I am so glad I met you guys freshman year. The breakfast club feels like such a distant memory, but I am very happy that we are still friends to this day.

Jack G., camping with you, Nick and Paul this summer is genuinely one of my favorite memories. You’re one of my best friends and I can’t wait for what’s next. Isle Royale isn’t ready for us.

Steel, Matt, Jack C., Arthur and the rest of the seniors, no matter how long you’ve been on the section or how involved you’ve been — I’ve loved and cherished every moment spent together.

Then to Noah, Charlie, John, Zain, Liza, Lys, Lindsay, Sam, Remi, Ian, Will, Cole and literally everyone that isn’t washed — yet. Thank you for helping bring back the sports culture that we had pre-COVID. You’re all awesome and I love having you around. There’s never a dull moment.

To our EIC Paige(!), thank you for just being there. You are one of my favorite constants at The Daily and I am so happy that I can call you a friend.

To Grace and my sixth roommate Tess, everything is better in Texas, yes, but everything has also been better since we became friends. 

To Brandon, you were my first friend at The Daily, and I am so happy we’ve only gotten closer since then. If I didn’t meet you at that first meeting I’m not sure I would have ever gone back to The Daily. 

To Josh, you are one of my best friends. I am so glad that you came to that track meet with James, Nick and me. Honestly, I don’t know how you returned after that — but I am so glad you did. This year has been so much fun, and you’re a big part of the reason that is.

To Jared, ever since we met at the Daily birthday party I have been so happy to call you one of my best friends. There are so many memories and the best part is that I know those are only the beginning. But we do need to catch up with Frank Garza soon.

To Nick, you have somehow just always been there in my time at The Daily and I am so glad. I’ll always remember this summer and how much fun you, Kent, Brendan and I had — I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. There’s no one else I’d rather thrift with, get soup with, shop at REI with or have been on every beat with.

It’s hard to encapsulate how I feel about the people of The Daily in just a little over a thousand words. But what makes writing this so hard is also what makes The Daily such a special place. There are so many people that I have so much love for. So many people that I can’t help but smile when I see them. So many people that I hope will remain in my life even after The Daily is in the rearview mirror. I’m really lucky that while I have to say goodbye to the physical place The Daily is, this isn’t actually a goodbye to the people that reside there. 

Because just like how the memories I made at The Daily will always be a part of me, the wonderful people I met there will be too.