Courtesy of Sophia Afendoulis

Position(s): Staff Photographer, Assistant Photo Editor, Recruitment Chair

Section(s): Photo

Semesters at The Daily: 7

If we are being real, the Daily was the ONLY club first semester of Freshman year that I did not get denied from. I didn’t know anything about the Daily when I came to U of M, I just knew I had a friend on it (Hi Ms. Asha) and I might as well give it a chance, and that chance changed my entire college experience for the better. Photostaff gave me the opportunity to be exposed to events and things I never thought I would be able to experience, and it led me to realize my goal to work in the Publishing industry post-graduation. I cannot even describe how thankful I am for the people, places, and experiences I have had.

From being in the newsroom when Kobe died, when classes got canceled for COVID, the 2020 presidential elections, and TWO Ohio State wins, I have been able to experience so much with the Daily. Beyond this, I have been able to create lifelong memories and friendships. Whether it be at Jeopardy (bring it back), freezing in the Big House with Gab, having to edit everything from my bedroom during COVID, to every FEE error in the world, I was able to learn, have fun, and become a better photographer and editor. I love the Daily wholeheartedly and am so lucky to have it as such an influential part of my four years in Ann Arbor. 

To Grace and Tess: Thank you for forcing me to sign up for sports when I inevitably missed the emails every. single. time. I thank senioritis for that one. You both have helped Photo become such a welcoming and joyful community for every single photographer who joins, we are truly grateful for the impact you both have made this year. 

To Photostaff: Thank you for bringing me laughs, joy, and creative inspiration every single week. Photo is such an incredible section that makes working on the Daily even more exciting. You are all brilliant, talented, gorgeous individuals who will all go on to do amazing things beyond U of M and the Daily. Keep slaying!

Roller Bag and Canon supremacy forever. Forever Go Blue and Forever Go Daily!