Courtesy of Samantha Cole.

Position(s): Deputy Statement Editor, Summer Statement ME, Statement Columnist, Audience Engagement Editor

Section(s): Statement, Audience Engagement

Semesters at The Daily: 4

The Michigan Daily gave me a reason to write. It exposed me to the power of words — the weight they can hold for me personally and the influence they can have on others. I wrote about things that I struggled to say aloud and edited pieces that were contentious, thought-provoking and poignant. The Daily gave me story meetings where I had the privilege to talk about ethics, sex, history, capitalism and everything in between. It was at The Daily that I realized editing was not a laborious task used to check over essays, but an art, hobby and potential career. The Daily introduced me to Julia Maloney, a kick-ass, history-loving writer and editor, and Lane Kizziah, the most magnificent and elegant writer, editor and leader there ever was. It gave me the space to work creatively with podcast editor, rapper and co-Deputy Editor Leo Krinsky. The Daily gave me the opportunity to lead a team of dedicated, risk-taking writers and editors over the summer of 2021, who made it easy to love my job. To talk about sex with Grace Tucker, run with Annie Rauwerda, leave notes for Calder and experience the warm smile of Sarah Szalai more often than I otherwise would. 

The Daily exposed me to another side of Andie Horowitz. A supportive and fabulous friend, but also a graceful and thoughtful leader. 

Andie, I would not be writing this if it was not for you. You believed in me from the moment you encouraged me to apply to Statement as a writer when the pandemic began. You are the person I would send this goodbye to for editing. You are the person who without hesitation embraces every idea that comes your way, and who strengthens it with a spunky and intelligent attitude. Whether through voice memos, edits, story meetings or edibles, the impact you have left on the Statement and on me — as a friend, an editor, a mentor — is strong, meaningful and everlasting. You have changed my perspective, my creativity and my writing. 

It was through The Daily that I met Jack — formerly the cute Audience Engagement ME in Zoom meetings, and now the DME who is writing his senior goodbye next to me. He edited captions on our first date at TAQ. I am struggling to find words to begin to describe Jack’s work at The Daily. I would usually ask him to help me. He’s good at finding words. 

Jack, the energy and fervour with which you have taken on The Daily is humbling. I admire your commitment, thoughtfulness and leadership every single day. Thank you for letting me into your special place and for showing me how it could immensely change my life. 

I joined The Daily only two years ago, and experienced most of it virtually. But the impact the organization and the people within it have had on me will last a lifetime. Thank you, The Michigan Daily, for giving me a voice, a passion, a community and a confidence in my writing that I will always carry with me. Google Doc open, suggestion mode on, Oxford comma deleted.