Courtesy of Naitian Zhou

Position(s): 2021 Managing Online Editor

Section(s): Web

Semesters at The Daily: 4

Parth Dhyani sold me on a lie. I did not enjoy my first few months at The Michigan Daily.

It took me a while to realize Parth did not sell me on a lie. He sold me on a vision for what tech at The Daily could be: regular data-driven content, a slick new website, the freedom to experiment with new technologies.

Fast forward a couple of years, it turns out we somehow pulled it off. Along the way, I met some really great people, got a couple of bylines, questioned my own career choices and even won some awards.

I was sold on a big fat lie — and I fell for it so hard that it all came true. So thanks for that, Parth. And thanks everyone for being in on it, too. (Not to name names, but: .)