Courtesy of Mik Dietz.

Position(s): 2021 Digital Culture Beat Editor

Section(s): Arts

Semesters at The Daily: 3

I’ve never liked goodbyes. The word has a heft of finality, the firm slam of a door as one part of life ends and we open into what’s next. I’ve always preferred the simple “see you later.” A wave of the cap and hand, each participant well aware that it may not be tomorrow or next week or next year, but at some point, their paths may cross again. Their rapturous reunion is inevitable, it’s just across a sea of time. Indulge me then with my (obviously verbose) see you later to Daily Arts and the people who helped me along my journey.

See you later, Sam Cantie, who’s constant jabbering of how lovely Daily Arts was led to my boredom transforming into an application and, eventually, a job.

See you later, Julianna Morano, who read my application with crappy answers, a trimmed article about Hamilton and a review of “Unpregnant.” Julianna confided in me that part of the reason I was hired was my use of the phrase “tested positive with child” in my review.

See you later, Bonnie Lockhart, who had the foresight that Daily Arts was desperately missing a beat not only for video games but the entire digital sphere as a whole. Digital Culture was born because of you, and your confidence in both my writing and editing abilities have never left my heart. I hope I am turning the section into something you can be proud of. 

See you later, John Decker, who allowed me to put my complex feelings about a certain wizardly author into one massive think-piece. Your insight was invaluable and your support unforgettable; I truly believe that piece is one of the best I’ll ever write. 

See you later, Zoe Phillips, the most welcoming, loving human being I’ve actually ever met. You made me feel wanted and cared for, heralding me into both the Daily Arts family (via Sslurpees) and your own. You hired me as an editor, trusting the future of an entire section to me, and everything I do (Swift or not) is to prove that you made the right choice. You are incredible, and I miss you. I miss my best furry friend Pip equally as much. 

See you later (like literally next semester) Laine Brotherton, Harper Klotz, Maxwell Lee, Rushabh Shah, Hannah Carapellotti, Karla Rodriguez-Garcia and Maddie Agne — along with Leo Krinsky and Meera Kumar. Whether you’re on Digital or not, you all have been absolute joys to work with and befriend. Every single one of you has taught me vitally important lessons, and more importantly, constantly challenged my perception of what digital culture entails. You’re all some of the most brilliant people at this paper, which is saying a lot, and it has been (and will continue to be) an honor to be a part of your journeys. 

See you later Peter Hummer, Grace Tucker, Andrew Pluta, Lilly Pearce, Sabriya Imami, Kari Anderson, Kaitlyn Fox, Katie Beekman, Drew Gadbois, Sophia Yoon, Anya Soller, Fia Kaminski, Julian Wray and Katrina Stebbins: the best group of editors and writers I could have ever become friends with. You all managed the impossible — making an awkward, shy kid with anxiety part of a family over Zoom. Each and every one of you are massively talented, unique and incredible people and writers. I never imagined I would be able to bond with people so fast and so deeply as I have with you all. Whether talking about “Dune,” Broadway showtunes, how people ethically create art or raving about literally anything Taylor Swift, I have had the time of my life with you all. Productions are always the highlight of my week and it’s because of all of you. You are the artistic community I have desperately craved for years and I will fight like hell to keep you all in my life. 

See you later, Lizzie Yoon, one of my first friends and confidants as an editor. You met my enthusiasm about cartoons with equal vigor even though you were halfway across the world. Your banana bread recipe is still one of my favorite pieces I’ve edited, and a massively delicious treat too. Your compassion and authenticity always astound me. I’m incredibly honored (and terrified) to have your Contrapoints piece finally published next semester. 

See you later, Elise Renee Godfryd, the wonderful enigma at the heart of Daily Arts. It’s no exaggeration to say that you’re the best of us — a pure bundle of joy, cutting insight and goofiness. I know for a fact that you’re going to change the world one day because you’ve already changed mine. Thank you for putting up with my insane articles and my faulty organization skills, and especially for introducing me to my Swift and “Normal People” obsessions. I truly cannot imagine Arts without you, and know for a fact that I’ll find some way to bother you in the next semester and beyond. 

See you later, Daily Arts, to say you are my love and my home would be ill-fitting: You are my community. Voracious college students driven to dissect art through a foundation built around love and support. You are a bastion of sincerity and as you change with each student coming and going; I hope you grow into something even more beautiful. 

My time at Daily Arts has been unexpected, heavenly, stressful, jovial… there’s not enough adjectives to adequately describe my emotions, nor explain why I’m not leaving yet, so I’ll let TJ Klune handle it from here: ““How could he have been so foolish? How could he have ever thought he could leave this place? It was color, bright and warm, and his heart felt like it was finally beating again. He hadn’t realized he’d left it behind.”