Position(s): 2020-22 Senior Editor, 2020-22 Outreach Director, 2020 Columnist

Section(s): MiC

Semesters at The Daily: 6

Saying goodbye to The Daily is an easy goodbye. Yet my ease associated with saying goodbye is not a result of a trivial experience at The Daily; rather, this goodbye is made easy because I had an experience that transcended my expectations for all that could occur within the passionately painted walls of 420 Maynard.

My first time in 420 Maynard was as a junior in high school, when I was brought into the newsroom through a program for underrepresented high school students. I attended a workshop on storytelling hosted by Michigan in Color (MiC), The Daily’s section for and by people of Color. I listened with admiration to a columnist talk about MiC’s work, providing examples from coverage of the #UMDivest campaign to pieces on the interconnectedness of social injustices. The columnist also shared her experience as an Arab-Muslim storyteller, imprinting me with inspiration and passion that has yet to fade. That day, I was unknowingly exposed to a glimpse of my future self, and today, I recognize it is because of the brilliance, creativity and authenticity of all the MiC members that came before me that I have grown into someone I once aspired to be like. 

During my sophomore and junior year at The Daily, I served as MiC’s Outreach Director, recruiting columnists, editors and artists who would irrevocably change MiC for the better. I saw fresh meaning within MiC’s mission as our section grew. It was with each distinct voice being added to the mix that our section was better able to capture the subtle complexities and struggles of communities of Color. The shared experience of passionately working toward publishing content that uplifts and authentically represents us built a community based on truth and understanding — a community that I will forever be grateful for. 

Although I spent most of my time at The Daily immersed within the MiC community, I would be remiss not to mention the greater Daily community and the appreciation I hold for the other sections at The Daily. For four years, I have started most days by scanning The Daily’s website for new content. As I have followed the progression of The Daily’s content, I have drawn the conclusion that journalism is a reflection of change. That it is through journalism that we as a society hold up a mirror to ourselves, forcing us to reconcile and rectify our imperfections. Our growth, change and shortcomings are documented through journalism, and it is our responsibility as journalists to use our pens responsibly. 

Upon saying goodbye to The Daily, I will be distant from the world of MDesk Sundays and editing shifts, but forever in reach of all that I have learned as a journalist and editor. And because of that, I feel so content and grateful for my time at The Daily that I am ready to say goodbye.