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Position(s): Fall 2022 Senior Sports Editor

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 7

There’s something about walking up the stairs to the newsroom that I find almost magical. I can clearly remember the first time I walked up them as a shy and scared freshman. I knew I loved sports, and I knew I wanted to make friends. But, beyond that, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

Three and a half years later, I never want to leave this building. 

The people make the place and the place makes the people. The best part about walking up those stairs is that no matter who is at the top of them, I know they are like family to me. If you told that shy, timid freshman girl that this place would be the place where I feel most like myself, where I feel most comfortable, I simply never would’ve believed you. The Daily has become my home and the sports section has become my family. I never could have imagined the memories I would make with the people here. From freshman year to Denny’s, which I may or may not remember, to senior year NYPD. From late night jumps in the river to being arguably the loudest person in the newsroom. Through the ups and downs, stresses of life, a pandemic, The Daily gave me a place where I could grow into myself. I learned more and grew more at The Daily than I have anywhere else on this campus. I’ve dreaded writing this and the day I have to say goodbye to this place forever. But The Daily, the people, the memories, and the lessons will live with me forever. 420 Maynard: Thank you. This is not a goodbye, I promise. 

To all the freshmen on the section: If you’re reading these and have no idea what’s going on, turn to the random sports freshman next to you and force yourself to be friends. Then go out to dinner. Do it. It’ll be the best decision you ever make. Write a story, or don’t. But just stick around this building. I wish like nothing else I was in your shoes.

Abby Snyder, Lily, Lane: The three of you truly made The Daily a special place for me. I can’t thank you guys enough for being great friends, great role models, and the most trusted confidants. Abby, you pulled me aside in a frat basement my freshman year and the rest is history. Lane, thank you for letting me annoy the crap out of you and letting me be myself. You’re a pretty great person.  

Abbie: We made it. From forcing ourselves to be friends with the boys, to dub hoops, to four years of being the only girls in our grade, I could not have done this without you. I don’t think the two of us could be more different, and that’s why I love you so much and have admired you for so long. You are one of the greatest writers, kindest souls, and most caring friends I have ever seen. 

Jared and Nick: You guys started as idiots and now are two of the best leaders I have ever met. You both continuously inspire me, teach me, and have made this section irreplaceable. Thank you both for being such amazing friends. 

Josh: Thank you for being the best fake boyfriend and one of my best friends. My time at The Daily wouldn’t have been the same without you. Water polo forever. 

Spencer and Brandon: Chunks and a kid that rejected me freshman year. You are both destined for greatness and I’m honored to have been able to witness it. 

The 2020 Baseball Beat Jack Whitten, Jacob Cohen, Aidan Woutas: We may never have actually covered a game, but writing with you guys gave me my first experience as a real beat writer. And for that, I’ll be forever thankful. 

The 2021 Dub Hoops Beat: Abbie, Nick Moen, and Max Wadley: covering this electric team during a pandemic was one of my fondest memories. You guys became some of my best friends along the way. 

Connor and Paul: I remember when you guys joined the section and I can say this section could not be in better hands. Your infectious personalities bring a smile to my face. Thank you both in advance for taking care of this section. 

The girls: Liza, Lys, Remi, Lindsay, Taylor: You welcomed me with open arms coming back from abroad, and it was easy how much you guys love this place and how much everyone else loves you all (me too). I’m passing the torch to you. Cherish this place with your whole heart. 

Charlie, Noah, Cole, Abhijai, Ian, Sami, Jack, Jack, Joey, Matt, Nick, Caroline, Kelsey, Rheka, Tasmia, Kendall, Mallory, Noa, Sam and all of the other young guns: You might not realize it, but each one of you is so vitally important to this section. Thank you for being here and for being you. Never stop loving this place. 

Kent, Ethan, Bailey, Molly, Ben, Anna, Brendan, Daniel, Drew, Rian, Connor, Tien, Kopnick, Theo, Max, Ethan, Aria: Whether you know it or not, you all laid the foundation for me to find my home. Everyday, I channel all of your energy into making The Daily a special place for others like you did for me. 

Emma Mati: thanks for understanding why I’m always here. 

My friends: thanks for trying to understand, for reading (some) of my stories, and for putting up with me when I’m always doing who knows what at The Daily for way too long. 

Seniors: Steel, Matt, Jack, Jack, Josh, Arthur, Max, Sam, Daniel: It’s been an honor and a joy being on the section with you all. I can’t wait to see where life takes all of us. 

Mom, Dad, Brandon: Thank you for reading all my stories and being so supportive always. I love you.

Alexa Dettelbach: The two best decisions of my life, going to Michigan and joining The Daily, would never have happened without you. Thank you for everything.