Madeline Hinkley/Daily.

Position(s): 2021 Managing Sports Editor

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 7

If you had told me three and a half years ago that I would be the Managing Sports Editor of The Michigan Daily, I would have laughed. And probably never would have stepped foot in 420 Maynard. I never would have driven halfway across the country to (not) cover the first round of the NCAA hockey tournament. I wouldn’t have gotten to sit in on press conferences with people like Juwan Howard and Jim Harbaugh. I never would have learned Euchre and spent more than a couple nights playing in the newsroom until one or two in the morning. I’ve put my senior goodbye off to the very last possible second because I really can’t believe it’s already over — and I honestly have a hard time believing it all happened in the first place. 

Laney and Mike, thank you for instilling a sense of community that I felt the second I walked through the door. Laney, when I asked you for tips about being a good MSE, you said “you can run this section like a group of co-workers or you can try to run it like a family.” I hope I’ve done half as good a job as you two did on that front. 

Daniel, Lily and Akul, some of my absolute best memories of college were from our softball beat. Back in my first few months on The Daily, it made a world of difference to have you guys to joke around with, hang out with and rely on. It makes me so happy that three years later we can still send inside jokes and softball updates in the group chat. I hope that doesn’t end. 

Max and Ben, thank you for making me fall in love with The Daily. As a freshman, you always made me feel so included. As I got more involved, you were always there to complain to, gossip with or just to hang out. There’s absolutely no way I would have run for MSE without either of your encouragement, and I can’t thank you enough. 

Tien, thank you for always pushing us to do the most fun, spontaneous thing possible. It’s the river jumps and skating and late-night donuts that I’ll always remember about The Daily. 

Molly, you are not only hilarious but an amazing friend. Whether you were telling a story about a Tinder date or a serious issue going on at The Daily, you’re an amazing person to talk to. 

Ethan, I have never seen someone take a job so seriously and yet have so much fun with it. Thank you for setting the bar so high, for being an amazing person to talk to and, of course, for instilling my love of science. 

Connor, I’ll always remember you confidently leading the pack of kids into Skeeps on the last night of production. That enthusiasm made the section better every day. 

Theo, Bailey, Paige, Kopnick, Anna, Teddy, Rian, thank you guys for being such amazing role models. 

Jack Silberman, thank you for teaching me everything you know about design and talking with me at the Design desk. You know how much I love our conversations. 

Jack, Brendan and Josh, we will always have Fargo. Even beyond that fever dream of a trip, I had the best time working with you. Jack, I stand by that you’re one of the most underrated-funny people I’ve ever met. Brendan, I truly hope you move somewhere without wind. Josh, I’ll be looking for my invite to the Taubman-Israel wedding any day now. 

Jared and Nick, savor every second of this job. There are some days when it’s going to feel like a lot of fucking work, but when you get to the end you’ll wish you could have those ones back too. I know you’re going to do an absolutely amazing job, and I can’t wait to see you take the section to new heights. 

Lily, you were pretty important to this section but then you decided to go to Rome. You’re probably going to be the raggediest person there.  

Abbie, Spencer, Sam, Brandon, Max and all the other juniors, you guys have an unbelievably special class. This section is so much better for having you all on it, and I couldn’t be more confident leaving it in all of your hands. 

Paul and Connor, you two have the most amazing energy, and it’s been so much fun watching you do two beats together. 

Sami, Abbas, Noa, Grace and all the other sophomores, it sucks that you guys didn’t get the newsroom experience until this semester, but I’m so glad you’ve stuck with The Daily. The best is yet to come. 

To all the seniors, I love you guys. It’s crazy to me that I met so many of you sitting in meetings freshman year where I had no idea what was going on. It feels like a second ago, and now we’re here saying our own goodbyes. 

Freshmen, you will never regret a night you spend sitting at the sports desk doing nothing. You have only amazing things to look forward to. 

Maddie, Allison and Julia, I feel so lucky that we’ve become friends over the past year. You guys always make me laugh, and our group chat has made putting pictures into articles infinitely more fun. 

Brittany, even when this year has been difficult, I’m amazed at how much work, thought and care you’ve brought into your job. You’ve been such an awesome person to work with and I owe you many many rounds of drinks for helping me with pages. 

Lily, thank god we were on the softball beat together. Whether it’s been a trip to Indiana, frat basements or weird, late-night chats with Charles Hanley III, I’m glad we got to do it all together. I love you, and I’m so happy The Daily brought us together. 

Last but not least, Kent, I truly cannot imagine this last year without you. There is no one else I would rather have wanted to do this job with. Thank you for helping me when I’m stressed, prescreening my SportsMondays, being the best person to talk shit with, sending emails when I forget and everything in between. 

If there’s anyone I forgot, it’s because the list of people who have changed my life at The Daily is unbelievably long. So the note I’ll leave it on is thank you to everyone who’s been involved in The Daily in any capacity. Whether you’ve come to a single sports meeting or you’ve read a single story, thank you.