Courtesy of Julia Schachinger

Position(s): Staff Photographer, 2021-22 Senior Sports Editor, 2020 Summer Managing Photo Editor

Section(s): Photo

Semesters at The Daily: 7

When I applied to The Daily, I was looking to relive my high school yearbook experience, maybe make some friends and get a photo or two in print. And maybe, just maybe, make it onto the field of the Big House to photograph a football game. Freshman me had no idea just how much this decision would impact my life. By the end of my time at The Daily, I had photographed over 55 sporting events, including 3 football games, and had launched myself into a potential sports photography career.

I started typing out a long-winded timeline of my time on staff – but no one, not even me, wants to read all of that. So I wanted to take this space to thank those who have impacted my time here on staff. 

Alec and Alexis, my sports photography inspiration when I entered staff, thank you for hiring me in 2019 and setting an example of the technical skill this staff can have. 

Michael and Ryan, I’m sad COVID cut most of our time on staff together short, but I had so much fun getting to know both of you. Thanks for hanging out with the lame freshman on election night!

Miles, Becca, Dom and Jarret, I’m still in awe of your talent, and am still seeing work from all of you. I enjoyed the time I spent with all of you. 

Emma, my buddy since freshman year when we joined staff, you never fail to make life at The Daily entertaining. Thank you for the best Womensdayside emails, giving me — possibly in too much detail — your life updates. Mostly, thank you for your guidance and developing some kick-ass photo essays with me, and dealing with my horrible writing skills to make something beautiful. 

Evan, still salty you called me a traitor to The Daily, but I won’t get into that here. Thank you for your virtual friendship during the Winter 2021 semester, and I enjoyed getting to know you and making amazing sports content for Twitter. 

Gabby, I don’t know exactly when we became friends, but I am so glad we did. I love getting to see you at every hockey game, and it’s been amazing to see your sports photography grow. You are an amazingly talented and resilient human. 

Taylor, my most unexpected friend on staff. I had so much fun traveling to Texas with you and bonding over our love of women’s gymnastics. You have a bright writing future ahead of you and I cannot wait to watch your career grow. You are unbelievably kind. 

Cheryn, I’m still mad at you for transferring the semester after I met you. Summer 2020 was an unexpectedly amazing time thanks to you, Maddie, Nick and Kent. I hope our summer lake days continue to live on. 

Annie and Allison, thank you for taking a chance on me for an OSU hockey game in 2020. You both handled running staff on Zoom, when we barely knew what Zoom was, beautifully. I enjoyed our time together, crying in the newsroom the day the University shut down, and at the photostaff socials that only Alec and I would show up to. Annie, I hope you are living out your dreams in the west. 

Allison and Maddie, thank you for trusting me as Senior Sports Editor in 2021. I truly enjoyed our time working together. You both have so much talent and I am thankful for the friendships we all built. I’m happy our group chat is still alive a year after the leadership transition. And how could I not mention the corn maze? Truly iconic. Thank you for including me in some Crumbl nights and always making me feel like my opinion was heard. You both ran the section fantastically. Photostaff is what it is today because of you. 

Maddie, Summer 2020 brought me the best surprise pandemic friend. You mean so much to me, and it’s hard to believe I could be such good friends with someone without meeting them for three months. You are a very special human being, and I am lucky I had the time with you that I did. 

Photostaff past and present: I won’t list you all by name, but there are so many more than on this list that have made my time here special. Thank you, each of you, for pushing me to be a better photographer and letting me have the privilege of training you in all things sports. Joining The Daily was the best decision I made in college, and except for maybe the pandemic, I wouldn’t change a thing about my time here.