Alum Madeline Hinkley/Daily. Buy this photo.

Position(s): Director of Recruitment and Onboarding (2021-2022), 2020 Summer Senior News Editor

Section(s): CTI, News

Semesters at The Daily: 7

Even more than working for The Michigan Daily, I love talking about working for The Michigan Daily. So much so that after two years on News, leadership decided that this specific talent could be channeled in the newly-created role of Director of Recruitment and Onboarding, a literal dream job that professionalized my full-time hobby of trying to get my friends to join The Daily. 

I’ve made the case to hundreds of students at Festifall and in mass meetings about why they should join what I like to call the country’s premier student publication. Here’s a fleshed-out and more sentimental sneak peek into what I tell them. 

I joined The Michigan Daily my first semester freshman year hoping to conquer my fear of writing. Over the past three and a half years as successively a reporter, editor and outreach director, The Daily has become a source of personal growth, pride, confidence and joy. 

The Daily has put me in the room with luminaries including Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Heisman winner Desmond Howard and Brown Jug owner Perry Porikos. I’ve written over 50 stories, from a groundbreaking multimedia analysis of the University’s top feeder high schools to 2,600 words on a LSA Student Government elections squabble over a GroupMe message. The latter exploded into a full-blown dispute in which an amicus curiae brief was submitted, without a hint of irony, expressing concern over the dissolution of the “rule of law” over the Central Student Judiciary’s ultimate ruling. 

There are few moments in college that rival the joy I felt as a freshman when I picked up a copy of The Daily to find my story splashed across its front page. Even though I’ve often heard it said derisively that Daily kids really seem to think they’re working at The New York Times or something, at that moment, I did prepare for what I believed was an imminent job offer personally extended by then-Times editor Dean Baquet (I’m still waiting). 

I also love that The Daily grows with you. I would never have been able to take ownership of such complex, interesting, varied projects or work with such brilliant people anywhere else on campus. I’ve even seen The Daily itself become an organization that holds its leaders accountable and pushes for positive change from the inside. 

And of course, the quality of The Daily is really just a reflection of the quality of its people. The newsroom brings together those who usually wouldn’t be in the same room, but are united in the love for what they do. I’m always blown away by just how young everyone is yet how good they are at their jobs. Also, everyone is just generally the type of person I love, which is a delightful and unique combination of funny, weird, smart, passionate and interesting.  

I wanted to end with a few thank-yous. I owe so much of my progression at TMD to people who have encouraged me and advocated for me, and the following is just a tiny list of people who have positively impacted my time at The Daily. 

Thank you to Emily and Bella, for being my friends and fellow critics within and without The Daily.

Thank you to Alex and Barbara for being role models, mentors and some of my earliest friends. 

Thank you to the Copy Desk for letting me hang around (and always feeding me) when CTI had no home. 

Thank you to Akshara, who took on such a tough role so early in her tenure at The Daily. 

Thank you to Paige for being a steady, thoughtful leader during my last semester.  

Thank you to the entire News and CTI staffs for being such thoughtful, intelligent, funny teams my entire time here. 

I’m a big believer that whatever you invest into The Daily, the organization gives back tenfold in opportunities, friends and fundamental improvements to your character. Even through late nights, emotional elections and a two-year COVID-19 disruption, I wouldn’t take back a second I gave to TMD. And just once more, for old time’s sake: Join The Michigan Daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!