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Position(s): Daily Sports Writer, women’s basketball beat

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 2

In December 2021, at the end of the fall semester of my junior year, I decided to look into joining The Daily’s sports section. I remember being worried about my lack of experience as a writer or formal training in journalism. So I spent the better part of an hour crafting an email to the head of the sports section, asking about the process of “applying to work for the section in any capacity.”

I assumed I’d get an email back with a link to an application, or a request for a writing sample, or an explanation of why the section wasn’t hiring at that time — something formal. 

Instead, I got a response right away. It said something along the lines of “We meet on Sundays at four, come whenever and we’ll get you started writing.”

I don’t know why I had thought that joining The Daily would be such an extensive and daunting process. I think that’s why I didn’t look into it sooner. But as I reflect on my time here, I’m just grateful that I showed up at all. 

In my year-ish with The Daily, I’ve gotten to experience so much that I thought I’d miss out on as a student during the pandemic. Some of my best core college memories came with the people I met here. I got to participate in — and win — the world’s greatest touch football game. I also won the Cohen, alongside Big Man John Tondora. I’ve grown a ton as a writer and made great friends here. 

I don’t have a full shoutout list in me. But I’m so, so grateful to every person I’ve encountered during my time here. This is a super special community that has done a lot for me. Thank you all.