Courtesy of Emilia Ferrante

Position(s): 2021-22 Senior Arts Editor, Summer 2022 Managing Arts Editor

Section(s): Arts

Semesters at The Daily: 7

“I want to go to a school with a journalism program,” I told my dad my senior year of high school in 2018, weighing my college admissions decision. 

“Michigan has something better,” he told me. And he was right. 

That “something better” was, of course, The Michigan Daily. I applied basically as soon as I got on campus, and I was accepted to the Books beat on the Arts section as a first-semester freshman. 

It was terrifying. Everyone knew each other, the newsroom looked so professional, there was so much laughing and joy at the Arts desk. I felt awkward and out of place, but I also yearned to be one of the editors sitting in the inner circle. Still, it was a long time before I felt like I belonged. Part of this is, of course, due to COVID — it hit halfway through my second semester of freshman year, just when I would have maybe, possibly, started getting comfortable in the newsroom. Then it was writing from my childhood bedroom, Zoom reactions and taking a semester off in New York City while the newsroom sat cold and empty for over a year. I resigned myself to writing my little pieces and finding a community elsewhere.

But when we returned and I found myself suddenly part of something, I couldn’t believe I ever thought this would be some side gig during my time at college. I made incredible friends, worked on some very cool projects, hosted “Twilight” watch parties at my house, ate innumerable pieces of candy from the Angry Bird and my pieces made it on The Daily’s Instagram grid. None of this would be possible without the truly amazing people that make up Daily Arts. So, without further ado…

Books beat: I love you immensely. You are all wonderful, incredible, beautiful people and I am so psyched for the beat to continue to thrive because you will take it in the most fantastic directions. Lizzie, thanks for being hilarious and also a great editor. Camille and Graciela, you are the future and it’s looking so bright. Ava B., I think you’re the epitome of cool. Special shoutout to my co-editors this past year — Julian, I’m sorry I make fun of you all the time, but it’s out of love. You are a champ and I will miss our production shenanigans. Meera, there is quite literally no one else in the world I would rather sing karaoke with while no one is listening. You keep me sane. 

Sabriya and Lilly: You guys did such an amazing job this year and I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you both. Sabriya, I have a newfound appreciation for Alice Lloyd (though not for the piano in the TV room). You are hilarious. Lilly, thanks for being my editor several times over and for being one of the coolest people I know. And also for being so brave when you ride your bike in public. 

Fia: The Daily is really just one place where our college lives have intersected. I’m so happy to be friends with you and that I get to see you so often. You are so very cool, and there’s no one I would rather have a porch beer with. 

Erin, Laine and Sarah: The section could NOT be in better hands! I am so excited to have another semester with you as my bosses. 

To my other fellow editors: Thanks for making editor events such a blast this year. You are all so precious. Especially Nora. Let’s sit on the floor together sometime.

To the ghosts of Daily past (AKA those of you who have already graduated), thanks for showing me the way. I’m looking at you, John and Andrew. And Katy from Copy.

And finally, to my most loyal readers, my mom and dad, I love you lots. Go Blue.

This has been a truly incredible experience for me. I’m not ready to get teary-eyed, especially when I still have a whole other semester to go before I actually graduate, so I’ll just say: See you all in the newsroom.