Courtesy of Dana Pierangeli.

Before Michigan became my home, The Michigan Daily did. Arriving every Sunday at that stained glass and aged wood safe haven carried me through years of changing majors, changing roommates, changing goals. I applied before even arriving on campus; I saw The Daily table at Festifall, seniors yelling at me to apply, and I had the joy of yelling back “I already did! I’m hired!” And that joy has never ceased during my four years at The Daily.

Like my college experience, my Daily experience was nothing like I thought it would be. Instead of graduating as an English and Communications double major, writing hard-hitting political pieces for the Opinion section in my free time and off to a job at The New York Times post grad, I transferred to School of Music, Theatre & Art, moved to the Arts section and plan on working in the entertainment industry. But during the ever-changing college experience, the one constant was that newsroom.

I never felt more grounded and supported than when we crowded into the tiny corner conference room. If nothing else, I could count on Arya serving incredible pants, Maddie and her red lipstick giving the best icebreaker answers and Trina shouting “CC stay here!” every Sunday. I could count on leaving my Community Culture beat in better hands than I could ever hold it with and hoping the previous editors felt the same when leaving it to me.

One of the greatest honors of my college experience is that I got to spend four whole years leaving my mark on that newsroom. I spent four years making friends I love, writing pieces I’m proud of, working harder than I thought possible and never losing the joy I felt when I shouted “I’m hired!” I’ll be leaving Michigan soon, but I’ll never leave my home at The Daily.

All my love,

Dana Pierangeli

SMTD Bachelor of Theatre Arts & LSA English