Courtesy of Chauncey Seeger.

Position(s): 2021 Primary Copy Editor

Section(s): Copy

Semesters at The Daily: 2

I would like to thank The Michigan Daily for its formative role in my college experience. I joined Copy because I wanted to expand my community on campus, improve my skills as an editor and contribute to an organization that was part of why the University of Michigan is the best university in the world. I am thrilled to declare that I achieved all three of those goals. As I am an editor, not a content producer, I aspire to keep this column brief. Per Daily standards of procedure, I will begrudgingly refrain from utilizing the Oxford comma.

I’m thankful for the people I met through The Daily, as I found this newspaper to be a collaborative and supportive work environment. I appreciate the authors who answered my pesky questions about sources and the senior copy editors who provided guidance in confusing situations. I want to give a special shoutout to Madi and Liv for their understanding and leadership skills. They were fantastic Copy Chiefs. The Daily also expanded my knowledge of campus and local events. I loved how editing articles for News, Opinion and Arts helped me learn about the experiences of my fellow U-M students.

Years of combing articles for grammatical errors did help hone my editing skills. However, the one negative side effect of my wonderful time with The Daily is I now incessantly correct friends who incorrectly use “less” instead of “fewer” (sorry Gavin!).

The Daily is an important part of what makes this university so special. In our current political and technological climate, a vibrant, honest and independent student-run newspaper is an essential part of helping the University’s student body thrive. I am grateful for national reporters and opinion columnists such as Jennifer Rubin, Adam Schefter, Jason Gay and Peggy Noonan whose skill with prose inspired me to contribute to my university’s paper. 

For some rapid-fire final thoughts: My favorite Daily articles would have to be the ones about this weekend’s dominant 42-27 win over a certain Ohio State University. I’m thankful for my family, Krista and friends for their encouragement. If you’re a friend reading this article, thank you; It means a lot and I hope you are doing well. I love the University of Michigan and The Michigan Daily. Once a Wolverine, forever a Wolverine. Go Blue!