Courtesy of Callie Teitelbaum.

Position(s): 2018-2021 Daily Staff Reporter, Winter 2019 The Daily Weekly Content Producer

Section(s): News, Podcast

Semesters at The Daily: 7

The Michigan Daily gave me a purpose on campus. When I stepped foot in Ann Arbor, I didn’t know what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, but I knew I wanted to write. Joining The Daily’s News section my freshman year was the first moment in college where I not only felt a sense of belonging but also a deep respect for the environment I found myself in. And that is the impact The Daily has. The physical space of the newsroom is special in and of itself — the open floor plan where I could overhear the witty banter from the Arts desk or a basketball bouncing over at Sports created a sense of togetherness. Writing articles beneath old Editor-in-Chief posters and national awards reminded me I was a part of something much larger than myself. The laptops plastered with Michigan Daily stickers created a uniquely college aesthetic, a constant reminder of how my time at The Daily wouldn’t last forever.

Beyond the physical space, I was always most in awe of the people I met. When I wrote my first trial story as a freshman, I remember watching old senior news editors in amazement as they edited my work with such ease, making it 10 times better than I could have ever attempted to. The Daily not only gave me a space to learn, but room to grow. From writing trial stories alongside brilliant writers like Alex Harring, Parnia Mazhar and Emma Ruberg, I became an assistant news editor and a campus life beat reporter, exploring longform storytelling with my most favorite person and co-writer, Madeline McLaughlin. I worked with Catherine Nouhan on podcasting where I found my love of audio storytelling, and now find myself learning from one of The Daily’s most talented, Sammy Sussman, on the investigative team. I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences The Daily has afforded me, and for my peers who have taught me so much along the way.

I have always appreciated the side of students that The Daily brings out. There’s an unspoken bar of journalistic integrity and drive set by Daily writers that has always pushed me to be better. And despite the long hours and seriousness that comes with The Daily at times, there is an even stronger sense of comradery and light-heartedness in the newsroom that I will miss the most. 

The Daily has taught me more than any classroom could. I will miss the vibrancy of the newsroom on a night of production, and the people that make the space so special. I didn’t know freshman year The Daily would become such a place of growth, creativity, and comfort, but I surely hoped it would. Thank you, The Michigan Daily. I will miss you.