Allison Engkvist/Daily.

Position(s): Senior Sports Editor

Section(s): Sports

Semesters at The Daily: 6

Back in September, staffers were asked to fill out a survey for a consulting club about what The Michigan Daily means to us. Most of the options were pretty forgettable — professional experience, social life, staying in touch with the campus community, etc. 

One option, though, stood out to me:

A line on my resume.

Working at The Daily has meant sacrificing a lot of things, from academics, to Michigan sports fandom, to sleep — so much sleep — but at no point could I imagine doing anything else. Everyone who chooses to pour hours and hours into this paper does so without hesitation because, frankly, we don’t know what we’d do without it. 

Especially in my last year at the place that’s defined everything about my college experience, the “line on my resume option was jarring to me. Between the spontaneous river jumps, the late-night Denny’s/Fleetwood/Pizza Bob’s and the utter dominance of that pitiful excuse for a newspaper in East Lansing, I’d somehow grown to assume my experience with The Daily was normal. The idea that people would willingly stay with extracurriculars without that amazing community seemed — seems — so foreign to me. 

I’ve never once thought about my resume at The Daily. At a mass meeting in January 2019, Max Marcovitch informed me of the undeniable fact that The Daily has the best damn sports section in the country. That’s it. That’s why I’m here.  

He wasn’t just referring to our coverage, either. It’s hard to put into words — let alone 1,000 words or fewer — just how special The Daily’s community is. There’s so much I wish I could share about the months following my shambolic first story. My best summary can only come through a disjointed mix of stories and thanks.

The women’s basketball beat showed me, for the first time, how amazing this paper can be. To Jack and Kent, the work we did on that beat is what motivated me to keep growing at The Daily. Despite being just three strong, we stuck to our promise of producing the best dub hoops content in the country, and we also pulled off the most valuable heist in the Sports section’s long history of theft. There’s no one I’d rather visit a big chair with than you guys. 

Jack (again), Josh and Lane: It remains ridiculous to me that we managed to go the entire hockey season without covering a game as a beat. The NCAA Tournament in Fargo was finally going to be our opportunity to do that, get vaccinated and just generally kick ass. 

Honestly, though, the experience we (and Becca!) had was infinitely cooler than anything else we could have done. From the iconic Brendan and the Boys and the Not Boys™ podcast, to the flooding of my Venmo balance from Daily alums that almost made me cry, to the exorbitant amount of that money spent on alcohol — we can say that, without a doubt, we were on the most legendary road trip in Daily history. Despite my newfound hatred for Alexandria, Minn., I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

And of course, the football beat. No matter how much I complain about the endless workload this semester — the four Football Saturdays to start the season, the consecutive road trips to Wisconsin and Nebraska, then Penn State and Maryland, the scramble to throw together Rivalry Edition weeks before the actual game and the unexpected trip to Indy — the day that the workload stops has always terrified me. 

Daniel and Jared, you’re two of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. Working on this beat with you has been the most surreal four months of my life. Somewhere between almost dying at the Madison Super 8, bailing the Heart of Lincoln out of jail, going insane in East Lansing traffic and riding the Nittany Lion statue, we managed to publish content beyond my wildest expectations. When I came to the University of Michigan, I could’ve never imagined having this opportunity. I’m so, so proud of the work we’ve put in every single week, and I can’t wait to celebrate it during New Years in (fingers crossed) Miami. 

And still, the beauty of The Daily comes just as much from the people we don’t work as closely with. Those same spontaneous river jumps, those late-night Denny’s/Fleetwood/Pizza Bob’s trips, that continued dominance of that pitiful excuse for a newspaper in East Lansing — they’re the shared experiences that make The Daily, well, The Daily.

Ethan, you inspire me to be a better writer and person. You’re going to continue to kick ass wherever your life takes you, and few phone calls make me happier than our conversations about F1 and politics (despite your, uh, unique opinions). 

Theo, you’re an incredible writer and make me laugh possibly more than anyone else on this planet. You deserve to fill a certain fan’s empty seat at Crisler Center. 

Lane and Kent, you’ve been the perfect MSEs to bring back what was lost during the pandemic. I’m so grateful to have our old newsroom back, and you both did an amazing job re-forming that community.

To the already-named and yet-unnamed Idiots(™) — Brandon, Jared, Nick and Spencer — you guys are my best friends. Growing closer to all of you, Kent, Ethan and Theo during the pandemic got me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Thank you for letting me be your house’s Kramer. I’m going to miss you all so, so much. 

To everyone else in the years before me, each one of you was a crucial part of what made The Daily special. To Max, Connor, Rian, Teddy, Aria, Akul, Mark, Jorge, Bailey, Ben, Kopnick, Anna, Molly, Tien, Rohan, Shira and anyone else I’m forgetting — I’m grateful for all of you.

To my class of seniors — Grayson, Jacob, Drew, Daniel, Lily, Jack, Mark, Avi, Abby, Maddy, Alex, Jack, David and Aidan — I’m so lucky to have known each and every one of you. I can’t believe the day is coming for us. 

The same applies to the younger people I haven’t named yet. I can’t possibly name you all, but I’ll try: Lily, Connor, Paul, Abbie, Jacob, Jack, Joey, Charlie, CJ, Ron, Emilio, Remi, Josh, Noah, Noa, Sam, Steel, Matt and everyone I’m missing. This place is special, and everyone in it is part of a very special community. Cherish it.

No matter how hard we try, there’s no real way to neatly wrap up our days at 420 Maynard and say goodbye. Nowhere on this campus have I spent more time laughing, crying, yelling, whispering, getting drunk, sobering up, being productive, wasting time, complaining about 8:30 classes and staying up until 2. It’s the place where I’ve grown more as a person than anywhere else on this planet. 

I’m proud to say: It’s not just a line on my resume.