Courtesy of Becca Mahon.

Position(s): 2021 Senior Statement Photo Editor, 2021 Summer Managing Photo Editor

Section(s): Photo

Semesters at The Daily: 4

Hey Daily,

Thank you for all of it. I’m not great with words so I take photos instead, and this place has given me somewhere to put those photos so that they might have a chance of making a difference.

I’m writing this Senior Goodbye just a little bit later than I should, maybe fitting for someone who joined The Daily a little bit later than I wish I had. In January 2020, I applied to the Photo section, at the last minute of course, for a little extra something to do in my free time. Just something casual, I told myself, maybe for a semester or two until I get too busy and quit. Clearly, that isn’t what happened. Instead, this paper threw itself headfirst into my life and quickly became a defining factor of my time at the University of Michigan. It has taken me places — both metaphorically and geographically — that I never would have imagined two years ago. From Lollapalooza to Nebraska to almost-but-not-quite North Dakota, The Daily has been the source of countless stories and adventures that would take me far too long to recount in the detail that they all deserve. The person I was in January 2020 would be blown away at all of the things that one decision has brought into my life.

Spending half of my time here online just showed me that The Daily isn’t just a building on Maynard Street — it’s the people that make it special. Again, I’m not great with words so I take photos instead, but there are lots of people that deserve my best try:

Allison and Maddie, the biggest of thanks to two amazing Managing Editors and amazing people. You guys have led the section with so much grace and positivity and have made photostaff the welcoming place it is. Thank you for always being there and for letting me be there too. 

Dominick, remember that time we were summer MPEs? Wild. Thank you for pushing me to do just a little bit better every single time we work together. I’m a better photographer and journalist because of you.

Tess and Grace, the photo section is in fantastic hands for the next year. You have all of my well-wishes and good-lucks and support for everything that you will bring during your time as leaders. I know that you guys are going to make photo everything that it can be and more. 

To Photostaff, you are all truly some of the most talented, supportive, dedicated people that I have ever met. The way that this group interacts as both photographers and friends never fails to put a smile on my face. Maybe it’s all of the jokes that we can only make with each other, maybe it’s the tireless commitment that everyone has to helping this paper be the best it can be, but there’s just something special about photostaff. The Daily will change your life if you let it — that might be cheesy, but it’s true. I hope all of you give this paper the chance that it deserves, because I’m grateful that I did.

All my love, from someone with a camera and a couple things to say. <3