Courtesy of Allison Yih.

Position(s): 2021 Managing Design Editor

Section(s): Design

Semesters at The Daily: 3

As I write this, I can’t believe my time at The Michigan Daily is coming to an end. It still feels like last January, the first month of starting graduate school and my full-time job, when I first joined The Daily as an infographics designer. Although it was a crazy schedule, I loved every moment of being a part of this organization, from seeing my artwork published in a newspaper for the first time to meeting my fellow MEs at bonding events. 

Getting involved in a newspaper club was something I wanted to do for a while but couldn’t make the time for. I admired how in journalism, people collaborated with others from diverse backgrounds to share stories that would be people’s main source of news and elevate people’s voices. This, alongside losing touch with my art hobby during college, intrigued me to apply to the Design section. When I received the acceptance email, I was beyond ecstatic. Obsessing over pixel-perfect visuals again became my happy, creative escape. Although I wish I could have gotten to know more of the staff better, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to rekindle my artistic passions, as well as learn from and work with such an incredibly bright and welcoming community. 

To Sarah and Shannon: I could not have asked for better co-MDE’s. Sarah, it’s been quite a ride learning the ropes of MDE, all while scrambling to put together pages for special editions. I wouldn’t have wanted to self-learn layout design along the way with anyone else. Shannon, I loved meeting and working with you in person this semester!! I appreciate you for always covering me when I couldn’t make story meetings, and I’ll remember us bonding over our shared obsession of vegan mozzarella during our dinner date at Slurping Turtle. You have done so much for Design and I’m sad you’re leaving the section, but I know that with your amazing leadership ability, you’ll excel in your new role for News.

To the illustrators, infographics and layout artists: You are all insanely talented, and I am so glad I got to meet you all this semester. Thank you for your constant eagerness and dedication, as well as your kindness to offer to help complete another request, even when it was so late in the night. I will miss receiving Slack messages of your stunning designs, which made the long hours so worth it. 

To Aya: Thank you for your encouragement and hyping me up when I first joined; I was so nervous about whether my graphics looked okay. I love your positive and fun energy, and I appreciate you and Shannon for helping me get ramped up on the MDE role. On behalf of the design section, we will miss you and are excited to see you kill it as DME. 

To the new MDEs, Erin and Sophie, as well as the incoming editorial leadership: You make a strong team and I wish you all the best. The late nights are hard and exhausting, but know that you are capable of doing the job and hang in there. Always remember that you have each other to lean on and take deep breaths.

Finally, to everyone: Whether you are staying or leaving, I am confident that you will all continue to accomplish amazing things inside and outside of 420 Maynard, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our and our paper’s future!